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Tummy Tub Review

Tummy tub review

Conclusion: Great, after the first minute!

The tummy tub  –
Review on my first time tubbing:

The tummy tub thing is indeed very popular here in Europe, so we tried it.

Rhyse’s reaction:

  1. Whoaah, my parents decided to do reviews on the stuff they bought, not me!
  2. Why do I have to squeeze in there anyway?
  3. Well perhaps it ain’t that bad after all?
    Let’s suck on my moms thumb and think it over…
  4. Well, it is really quite good! I should revise my tub review.

The Tummy tub is womb-shaped and sized… blah blah blah…

I just came out of the womb and don’t want to go back in that small space but… It does feel nice warm and confined. And my mommy sings sweet songs I don’t understand. I don’t even remember I have baby colic. Life is good this way!

What is the size of the Tummy tub:
Is it suitable for newborns up to Kids of 3 years old?

Well, I am a big boy, of 2 month old here on the picture and I fitted in easily until I was a boy of about 7 months. But I have no idea at all how those grandparents stuffed a girl of 2 years old in there)

Is the tummy tub safe?

Off course my mommy did enough water in there to keep me warm but not to much to prevent me from drowning. She held up my chin and her thumb supports my head. And she did not leave me alone as that is way to risky. And anyway bathing time is time to have fun together.

How can you scrub / clean / wash your baby using a tummy tub?

As I am not playing outside in the mud yet I’m not that dirty so I don’t need a thorough skin rub. My skin is very thin and fragile anyway. Please just use a bit of oily water for sensitive baby skins. Don’t start scrubbing me, I need the little bit of fatty skin I worked so hard on to produce. That will be better for my diaper rash too! Just do a little bit of soaking and bonding time please.

Can you use the tummy tub alone?

Yes! My mommy did not have someone to help her putting me in the tummy tub. Just lay out a nice towel and a diaper for after the bathing and you will be fine.

Can’t I just use a cheap bucket instead of the expensive tummy tub?

Nope: It is a bigger then normal bucket and there are no sharp edges but more soft and round which makes it more safe. I also like the feeling that the material of the tummy tub is not poisonous. Which I doubt with some other buckets. Still it is quite expensive for what you get. You don’t really need it, it is fun and bonding though. I loved it as a daily ritual and when he had colics.


You do need to get used to it but…
Try it a few times, persist and you will not be disappointed.
It Really is great bonding.

Compared below are the tummy tub vs the Prince Lionheart washpod:

The Original Tummy Tub Baby Bath - Clear The Original Tummy Tub Baby Bath - Clear No ratings yet $111.31
Prince Lionheart washPOD Bathe, White Prince Lionheart washPOD Bathe, White No ratings yet
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