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Top 10 Funniest Kids Waffle Makers

Why here my top 10 List of the funniest waffle makers? Well, as the youngest of my 2 boys really loves to cook and his second birthday is coming up I had a look myself for some cute cartoon or toys themed waffle makers. Here is my funniest waffle maker list:

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1) Classic Mickey Waffle Maker

Disney Classic Mickey Waffle Maker

Lets start with the most famous one under the kids waffle makers, the Classic Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker! Great for boys and girls alike. This one is available in 3 versions; the high quality Villaware mickey waffle maker which is great if you often make waffles, the low budget mickey waffle maker for the now and then users and the mickey and the gang waffle maker which is shown below.

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2) Circus Waffle Shape Maker

Smart Planet WM-3 Circus Waffle Shape Maker

Ahh, this is exactly the right thing for my 2 year olds. He loves animals at the moment and who wouldn’t love animal shaped waffles! And perhaps more important: most kids love them! This waffle maker is not in the high end range but it makes nice thin waffles. All in all a good quality-price product.


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3) Princess Waffle Maker

Disney DP-1 Princess Waffle Maker, Pink

Well, this pink waffle maker is really for the pink girly lovers! Not great for my boys but I know for certain that the girls of my BF would love it…

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4) Heart Waffles on Sticks Waffle Maker

Babycakes Nonstick Waffle Maker Makes 4 Heart Waffles on Sticks

Well, ain’t that cuuuuttteee! A pink waffle maker for heart shaped waffles! And those sticks really are the finishing touch. Overall a great rated waffle maker according to most reviews.

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5) Hello Kitty Waffle Maker Iron

Carus eats cake waffle maker series

No way, this thing is really nostalgic!

I adore this , but how to use it in my modern household kitchen…?  lol… Well that is just impossible in our home. Still I wanted to show you this one as I really like it.

Waffle recipe, the quick and delicious way!

If you are a first time waffle maker (as I was) this youtube will help you getting a master in the art of waffling!

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