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Top 10 best stage digital pianos + reviews

best stage digital piano

Nobody wants to drag around with a heavy stage digital piano, so here are five lightweight stage digital pianos with reviews. Your back will be grateful for considering this…

Best stage pianos comparison table

Intro to stage pianos

Making music together and having gigs is great but… If you have regular gigs, you will always have a heavy luggage with your lug around. It doesn’t really matter what instrument you play. For some instruments you will need to carry amplifiers and others are even bigger then digital pianos (like drums). And as I’m not considering a swap to the harmonica, like you probably, we will have to make the best of it.

A stage piano is considerably lighter than a digital piano but it is still not easy to transport. They often weigh between 20 and 30 kilo, so even with a helping hand it is still not inconsiderable. Especially if you One of the biggest problems is the size. The length makes it difficult to handle and to transport. So in recent years the digital stage piano has a had a lot of changes. It is getting shorter in length and lower in weight, ready to move around.

The Best Stage Digital Piano

It is hard to pick the best stage digital piano as the differences are huge. Some are tuned to the classical pianist, some are more tuned to the jazz or rock pianist. Some are as lightweight as possible and others are made to look as much as possible like an acoustic piano. So you need to check for yourself what is important to you. A few basic examples though are (no golden standard!):

Realistic reproduction of classic pianos: de Rhodes, Wurlitzer and CP-70/80.
Professional stage pianos: (Clavia) Nord (recognizable by the Red casing), Yamaha (CP series) or Roland (RD series).
Draw Bar Piano:

Lightweight digital stage piano reviews

So here are the reviews of 5 lightweight digital stage pianos.

Yamaha YPG-235 – 76 keys
Yamaha YPG-535 – 88 keys
Yamaha P255 (x)
Yamaha P Series P35 (x- old model – new model = P45)
Yamaha Piaggero NP11 (x)
Yamaha CP4 (x)
Yamaha DGX650B (x)
Kawai ES100
Casio CAS PX150 BK  (old model – new model = PX160)
Korg SV188BK (= Korg SV-1BK-88)
Casio Privia PX-150

And the best sold brand is clearly: Yamaha! with its topper, the high end CP4.

Checklist when you try one out in the music shop:

1) Does the keyboard play comfortably,
2) Do your important sounds have enough quality for you,
3) Is the devices control easy and fast,
4) Is the adjustment of the sounds precise enough?
5) Is the weight acceptable.

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