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Top 10 Best Robotic Pool Cleaner – 2019

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Best robotic pool cleaner for inground pools 2019

is the Dolphin Nautilus

This means it is the most sold robotic pool cleaner in the first 3 months, so quality compared to the price. This was the best robotic pool cleaner for last year too. The Dolphin Nautilus is an inground all rounder. Like said before, it cleans thoroughly but is is not one of the fastest pool cleaners. It is an very easy cleaner though. It is plug and play, easy to clean, pool cleaner which is nice as you don’t want to replace the time you saved by buying a cleaner with cleaning  the cleaner itself.

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Best robotic pool cleaner for above ground pools 2019

is the Aquabot Pool Rover Jr.

Again this means the most sold above ground robotic pool cleaner. So it is quality compared to the price and not necessarily the best one there exists. And this was also the best one for last year. The APRVJR Robotic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner is a fully automatic robotic cleaner. It vacuums any shape of flat-surface above-ground pool in about 1 hour. No hoses. It has it’s own internal pump and filtration system and is equipped with a reusable filter bag. With its relatively low price it is good value for your money.

Best robotic pool cleaner comparison table – 2019

best robotic pool cleaner

Best robotic pool cleaner

What makes a good Robotic pool cleaner

In short the Robotic Pool Cleaners use sensors. When they bump into an object (for example the pool stairs or a wall) the machine will reverse its course with a small change of direction to cover the whole pool. These cleaners have timers to start and stop the cleaning automatically. That means that after the pool pumps have slowed in the night and the debris has drifted down to the bottom the robotic cleaner starts on his own and clears up that debris. Unlike the non-robotic cleaners, the robotic cleaner is often equipped with brushes to scrub the pool. The dirt is collected in filter bags. Often suction power is used to keep the cleaner on the floor. The robotic pool cleaner doesn’t need the pool pump to be able to do its job.

If you are like me and like to spend your warm afternoons by the pool then a robotic pool cleaner can make your life easier. Keeping your pool clean is a chore and requires a lot of time and energy. Robotic pool cleaners are electronic devices that use suction and pressure to remove dirt and foreign matter from your pool.

The dirt is collected in the attached filter bag and once the cleaning process is complete you can safely remove and dispose the collected dirt. Advanced robotic pool cleaners are able to filer the water in the pool and you can operate such robotic pool cleaners with the help of a remote control.

Disadvantage – advantages of the robotic cleaner.

Since robotic pool cleaners are costly you need to select the right one which suits your purpose so go through all the available models and their features before buying one. If possible go through the reviews left by other users of the particular model number, of the cleaner you intend to buy. The manufactures use plastic wheels and axles to bring down the price of the robotic cleaner to make the equipment more affordable to the general public. The plastic wheels and axles are tough and last longer.

Unlike other pool cleaning equipment, robotic cleaners are easy to use and maintain. You need to plug-in the cleaner to an external outlet and submerge the cleaner into the pool. Then press the power button. The cleaner will start cleaning of dirt, leaves, and algae from the bottom and sides of the pool. The sensors used in the robotic pool cleaner will automatically stop once the cleaning process is complete. The accuracy is 70um and you can use the cleaner to clean specific areas, like areas having algae growth. If you own a larger pool then try to buy high end models because the cleaner needs more time to clean the entire pool and low end cleaners would die within a short time, due to the harsh use.

Pro’s of A Robotic Pool Cleaner

1. Better cleaning & filtration – Unlike human cleaning, robotic pool cleaner clean the entire pool evenly with equal effort and time. The filthy pool walls and the dirt from the bottom of the pool are sucked and cleaned with maximum efficiency. It automatically cleans most round, oval or rectangular flat-surface above-ground pools within an hour. Even large leaves and algae as small as 2 microns are picked up by this equipment. Some models of robotic pool cleaners have an option to be attached to the pools filtration system. The dirt and foreign materials are expelled from the pools filtration system so that you don’t need to remove and dispose the sucked up waste yourself.

2. Energy efficient -Robotic pool cleaners are also energy efficient. Most of the robotic pool cleaners use a 24-volt pump motor with jet-drive propulsion. Most models also come with automatic shut off timer that helps to save both water and electricity.

3. Operates quietly-The equipment operates quietly and you can relax by the pool side without getting disturbed

4. Light Weight-Most robotic pool cleaners are light weight and you can easily lift it and carry around with ease.

5. Longer warranties – You can get anywhere between 2-3 years warranty on select models. Remember that having long warranties comes to your aid when the parts or the motor malfunctions.

Cons of A Robotic Pool Cleaner

1. Price: The high end modes cost more then $1,500 and the low end pool cleaners only come with basic features. The quality of low end robotic pool cleaners is not good too.

2. Maintenance: Some models require you to change the pins of the equipment before each cleaning cycle, if you do not do so the equipment may malfunction, so take care in which you buy. Even though many robotic pool cleaner manufacturers claim they are waterproof, do not leave them outside because the rain water may sometimes enter the power unit of the equipment. You need to wash and dry the polyester bag that collects the dirt from the pool after each cleaning cycle or else algae may start growing inside it. The long power cord may get twisted when the robotic cleaner operates and you need to use foam noodles on the cord so that it floats on water.


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