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Top 10 Best Portable Basketball Backboards – 2020

best Portable Basketball Backboards 2013When we were looking for the best Portable Basketball Backboard for our kids we had a few “must haves”:
1) It needed to be portable
2) We wanted a stable backboard
3) It needed to be sound.

Here is a selection on the top 5 ones we considered. The prices of the portable backboards range from $80 to $650 so there is something to everyone’s liking. You can click on them to see the product details and if there is a sale going on right now.

Portable Basketball Backboard Comparison Table

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1) Best Portable Basketball Backboard: The Lifetime 1221 Backboard!

This is a best seller of all portable basketball backboards (in February 2018). It looks to be a quite solid backboard.

Pros Lifetime 1221 Backboard:
– Easy to put together
– Good for Kids and for goofing around
– Great quality for the money, stable and sound

Cons Lifetime 1221 Backboard:
– If you are a real runner and slammer you should probably looking for a more pricey backboard

The other four are these:

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2) Lifetime 1558 XL

Pro’s of the Lifetime 1558 XL:
– It’s an attractive basketball goal that means business…
– The design is heavy duty: it holds up well to fully grown people hanging on the rim, exposed to temperature and weather seems to be no problem according to other reviews after two years of usage
– easily adjustable
– balance is good so two people can relocate the goal
– 407 pounds of sand keeps the goal where it is (use DRY sand to speed this up)

Cons of the Lifetime 1558 XL:
– packaging seems quite often to be not good enough
– assembly instructions could be much better

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3) Spalding Portable Basketball System

Pros of the 54″ glass backboard Spalding:
After an extensive research of about all available portable basketball systems this one is a good choice. The advantage of this portable system is the 54″ glass backboard. The system is super solid so there is no backboard movement on hard shots, this makes it almost the same as playing on an inground basketball system.

Cons  of the 54″ glass backboard Spalding:
It is easy to assemble but takes a bit of time.
The biggest con I could find is that moving the unit once assembled is hard because of the heavy reservoir.

A good alternative for this would be Spalding’s “The Beast”. This unit allows you to lower the wheels by a handle and easily move it. Though this is by far the best portable unit that I examined, with its cost it is not on the best sellers list anymore. If you want you can check it out here.

4) Huffy Sports Youth NBA Portable Basketball System – Great for Kids

This Portable Basketball Backboard is made for kids so don’t be surprised if it can’t stand a grown up dunking the ball on the rim. The quality is good enough if it is used for what it is made for. According to the reviewers easy to assemble and easy to move. Not available anymore!

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5) Lifetime Youth Portable Basketball System

Pros of the lifetime youth portable basketball system:
Very well constructed compared to the price and after you moved it once it is easy to move. (the first time does takes a while to figure it out)
Good backboard for the age 8 – 10

Cons of the lifetime youth portable basketball system:
If you fill it with sand it takes almost more time to fill then to assemble.
If you plan on doing some heavy dunking it will probably not good enough.

Main Portable Basketball Backboard Brands

The main portable basketball backboard brands are:
1) Lifetime
2) Spalding

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