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The way of the projectionist

The Way of the Projectionist: Alchemy’s Secret Formula to Altered States and Breaking the Prison of the Flesh


What is projecting? Kind of Lucid dreaming and OBE super charged.

Chapter 1: A The Movement of Consciousness, the Birth of the Projectionist

Preparation: make a place to practice
List of Greatest Desires: 20 greatest desires, things you like to do once you can project.
Observe the Subjective Realm: Daydream 3 times for 20 minutes
Unwavering Desire: 5 minutes to really want to project, 3 times
Believing Dreams are Real:

Chapter 2: Life From the Dreamer’s Point of View

Starting Your Personal Logos: The Art of Cubing
Inner Feeling Sense
Emotional Containment

Chapter 3: Ouroboros, Diving Into Yourself

Diving Into Your Beliefs
Discovering Your Here and Now Station, and How to Move the Dial
Here and Now Point
Turning the Dial
Exploring Inner Space
The Death Posture
A Remembered Place
The Internal Senses and Becoming Stable Inside
Quick Glances
Inner Feeling Sense
Feeling Like You Are Really There
Creating a Story

Chapter 4:
Forgetting the Self, Loosening the Cognitive Point, and Natural Trance

Voiding the Self
Amnesia Walking
A Little Less Sleep, and Breaking Up the Sleep Cycle
Hypnopompic Technique

Chapter 5: The Bird of Hermes, Remembering Who You Are, Self-Cohesion and Immortality

Remembering the Body
Push/Pull – The Moving of Objects, Yourself, and Other Entities
Focus on What You Want: Desire as Action

Chapter 6:
Combining the Tria Prima Recipe, the Thing About Energy, and the Final Technique of Never Falling Asleep

Playing with the Soup

Chapter 7: Entering the Rooms of the Projectionist

The Five Rooms of the Projectionist
The First Room
The Second Room
The Third Room
The Fourth Room
The Fifth Room



Appendix A: Who We Are From the Alchemical Perspective

The Body
Brain and Mind
Ghost in the Machine
The True Self (the True Mind)
The Conscious and the Unconscious, and the Duality of the Mind
The Path of Immortality

Appendix B:
Self Defense, Waking Up, Staying Psychologically Stable, and Other Bits and Bobs

Here and Now Station
Emotional/Energetic Containment
Focus on the Desired, and the Battle of Wills
Extra work for the really keen : )
Energetic Absorption

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