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Portable Dressing Rooms – 2020

portable dressing roomAffordable and Durable For Camping and Other Outdoor Trips.

Are you looking for portable dressing room for your next camping trip? Or for a photo shoot? Or a day at the beach?

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Spring is ahead and many people have already plans for camping trips or days at the beach. Often a private shelter could be handy to have. Yes you can do without but it is really handy to use as : a pop up toilet, a portable shower tent, or a pop up changing room. A portable dressing room is one of those few things that every camper should have in his camping kit for times in need. Not only for campers, portable dressing room are equally useful for beach trips and photo shoots where you may need a private shelter for a while.

Top 5 best Portable Dressing Rooms

There are lots of portable dressing rooms available on the market out of which choosing the best one is a difficult task. Therefore, I’ve put together this collection of quality portable dressing rooms to help you choose the best one at an affordable price.

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1) Stansport Cabana Privacy Shelter, Green/Tan

This is a compact and very light weight dressing room suitable for camping, beach and park trips. everywhere where you may need a private shelter to change clothes and get fresh.

Pros Stansport Cabana: The look and feel of this portable changing room is quite cool. The material is of good quality and is durable.
Cons Stansport Cabana: As I told above, it is quite light in weight and can’t hold much weight so if you’re looking for a changing room that you can use as a shower room as well then it is not for you.

The price of this dressing room is quite affordable and you won’t regret on your purchase.

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2) Striped Portable Changing Cabana Tent Patio Beach Pool Navy White

The all rounder from Cabana: This tent can be used as a cabana or a changing room or even as a showering tent or a sun shelter. Whit it’s 18 pounds  it is not very light weight. More suitable for when you go somewhere by car and are in need of a private shelter for example to to change clothes while you stay there for a while.

The heavy material is of good quality and is solid made.
This means that if you are looking for a shower room this might be the tent for you.

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3) Portable Changing Room – Cleanwaste Portable Privacy Tent

If you’re looking for roomy dressing room tent then this is the right one for you. It is made from water proof cloth to provide you a shelter when it’s raining. You may also use this portable dressing room as a shower camp. It takes about 1 minute to set up and 1 minute to stuff it back into it’s bag. The poles are more sturdy than a lot of other brands.

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4) Cowboystudio Photo Studio Portable Pop Up Changing Room/Dressing Room

This one is one of the best portable dressing room. A good one for any camping trip. You can set it up with few minutes and without any help. The material used in this portable dressing room is of good quality.

It is durable so it can last longer. You can use this dressing room camp at any place. If you are going to spend a day at the beach then you may find it of great use when you need to change swim wears.

The only drawback is the lack of an instruction manual. But you can easily find a how to assemble video on Youtube. 

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5) Fotodiox Collapsible Portable Indoor outdoor Changing Room Tent

This Collapsible Indoor Outdoor Portable Dressing Room is extra roomy and stable as compare to other dressing room tents. It is one of the best dressing rooms tents available in market.

This tent is made from 100% polyester. A perfect dressing room or changing room solution for summer and winter trips.

You can use this stylish, well tailored and portable dressing room to change outfits at places like beach, park and swimming pools.

SUV tent shelters

And now a few other type of portable privacy shelters. Let’s start off with the SUV tent shelters:

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Explorer 2 SUV Tent

Looks stunning!


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Portable Dressing Room SUV Tent Tailgating Shelter AddaCabana

Another portable dressing room that you can carry anywhere. If you’re someone who often travel in a car then you should consider buying portable cabana dressing /changing room tent. The best thing about this tent is, it is extremely easy to set up and fold.

No instructions are required. It takes very small space when folded. You can buy the one according to your vehicle.

Pop Up Portable Dressing Rooms Gallery

For an overview of which Pop Up Portable Dressing Rooms there are check out these pics below.

  • Portable Pop up Tent as Changing Room
  • Go Plus Outdoor Pop up Tent
  • Portable Changing Room – Blue
  • Tan Portable Tent Pop Up Room Outdoor

Portable Cabana Changing Room / Dressing Room Gallery

Cabana tents are one of the main brands for portable dressing rooms. Here is an overview of the different types they offer:

  • Striped Portable Changing Cabana Tent
  • Changing Privacy Tent Cabana
  • Stansport Cabana Privacy Shelter
  • Outdoor Portable Changing Room Cabana

Affordable Portable Dressing Room

Looking for a portable dressing room tent at an affordable price?

You check out these great deals from Ebay store to find the best dressing room tent. There’re few things you should consider before spending your money on online shopping places. Firstly, check out the seller’s reputation in a community. It is highly advised to buy from a seller with positive feedback’s. Avoid dealing with a complete newbie. Another thing is, look for the product images. Especially if you’re buying a used one then it is mandatory to see various product images before finalizing your decision. Keep these tips in your mind while buying portable dressing room online and you’ll always end up with a good deal.

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