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Polaris pb4-60 Booster Pump Review

What is the Pb4-60 and is it worth your money?

Booster – #ad

If you are searching for a Polaris pb4-60 booster pump – #ad – review here will be a list of its main pro’s and cons.

If you use a Polaris 280 or a Polaris 380 to clean your pool, you must install a booster pump or else there will not be enough water pressure for your Pool cleaner to work. It will boost the water pressure to the hose connected to the Polaris cleaner. As a consequence enough suction is created to vacuum your swimming pool. But other pool cleaners also benefit from the pb4-60 booster.

The pb4-60 booster pump and Noise

There used to be 2 Polaris booster pumps: the Pb4-60 booster pump vs the pb4-60Q booster pump. The main difference between the two was the sound of the engine of the booster, the q version was the silent one. (except for the price tag). But this ended around the end of 2015/ beginning of 2016. There now is one new Polaris booster, unfortunately without a new name, the Pb4-60. You need to check if you buy the newer model as the old Pb4-60 makes more noise. Especially if the price seems to be really discounted. If your pool is really close to the house you will want the new Zodiac PB4-60 Polaris booster pump, though it costs more.

My pb4-60 booster pump review

You can see this review as a summery of lots of reviews I found on the web about the Polaris pb4-60 pump. What I have tried to do is combine all the pro’s and cons together to make it possible to make an informed decision before buying this booster.

Pros & Benefits of the pb4-60 booster

The pb4 comes with a clear instructions for installation and with the accessories (new hoses and fittings to install the booster) you need so set up is easy. It is a quieter booster than many other boosters which is a great relief if your swimming pool is close to your house. The pb4-60 seems to renew the action of an older Polaris pool cleaner, but perhaps that is just imagination. In total it is well made, does what it claims and is long lasting.

Cons of the pb4-60 booster

  • I just really hate it when I’m forced to buy additional things. And without this booster pump some Polaris pool cleaners won’t work so you need to buy it.
  • Some people have problems with it breaking way to fast without finding a reason why.

A summery of the opinions and reviews of other actual users:

…This pump is really quiet, so I hardly know that it is actually running…
…What a great difference this new booster pump has made for my old 280 cleaner…
…It was fairly easy to install, even for someone like me…
…it comes with all the accessories needed to replace an old booster pump so no driving back and forward to the local pool shop…
…once installed we weren’t even sure it was working as it was so quiet in comparison to our old pool pump…
…I replaced my old Polaris pump that actually looked the same like this one, but… The only difference is that this one is soooo quiet…

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Specs of the Polaris booster pumps

– Is designed specifically to use with Zodiac Polaris cleaners
– Pump motor has 3/4-horsepower
– Includes 60-hertz motor
– Powerful, fast and durable motor

How To Install a Booster Pump

A few tips for the less tech savvy under us…(like me)

RO/DI System How To Install Booster Pump

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