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Polaris F9350 Sport

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Polaris F9350 Sport Review

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This is a robotic pool cleaner for inground pools with a special navigation system so it is suitable for free form pools and for large pools. This cleaner has a 7 day timer to program your weekly cleaning. It cleans the waterline. It has a swivel to help by cable tangling. The wheels make this cleaner suitable for all surfaces.


The Polaris has 2 settings: one for the shorter cleaning (about 1 1/2 hour) in which case it cleans the bottom and the lower half of the sides of a pool and the longer cleaning (about 2 1/2 hour) in which case it also cleans the water tiles and the upper halve of the pool.


size = 22 x 22 x 18.5 inches and 21 pounds


Polaris 9350
Polaris 9450
Polaris 9550




See the deals above.


The filter is easy to clean.The pool robot itself is heavy so you do need to use the caddy.


1 year Limited Warranty. Read it before you buy this cleaner.

FAQ Polaris F9350 Sport

Where is this cleaner made?
Answer: The Polaris corporate office is in California, USA, but the actual product is made in Malaysia. And some parts are made in various other countries.

Is the Polaris 9550 good for my 27 ft above ground pool?
Answer: No, the Polaris 9550, 9350 & 9450 are all for inground pools.

Does the Polaris pick larger objects like nuts?
Answer: The Polaris 9450 picks up objects the size of nuts with an opening about 1″ width and 8-10″ length. A user said that his Polaris picks up snail shells. Another user said that it picked up about anything which fits, acorns are to large according to him/her.

How well does it work on curved walls?
Answer: Though it does work pretty well on curved walls the sharp corners are a bt less so a lot of customers still brush these by hand now and again.

What’s the difference between the 9350 and the 9450?

I have the Polaris 9300 sport. my biggest problem is the cord keeps getting twisted up. is the cord on the 9550 any better?
User reaction: No, not really. But like a curling iron or extension cord, you have to be sure you untangle the cord after every use. With the 9550 you can actually use the remote to turn the machine round and round in the water to straighten out the cord. Or when you take it out of the water, unplug the cord from the unit and untangle it keeping it straight. It’s like anything else…you need to keep it up and that means straightening out the cord and winding it up properly.

Are the canister baskets interchangeable between the Polaris 9350, the Polaris 9450 and the Polaris 9550?
Answer: Yes, all the canisters for these robotic cleaners are interchangeable.
Available robotic canisters for the 9550/9450/9350 cleaners:
R0535900 General Purpose Canister
R0517800 Fine Sand/Silt Canister
R0535800 Ultra Fine Sand/Silt Canister

Will I be able to use this robotic cleaner in pool and my in-ground spa?
Answer: Though it will work in your inground spa, it has a large footprint. So the tight areas can be a problem. But it will work in a hot tub.

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