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All Pentair pool cleaners

All Pentair pool cleaners are listed here. At the bottom is a list of the discontinued Pentair pool cleaners.

pentair pool cleanersPentair Suctions side pool cleaner (=vacuum )

  • Kreepy Krauly Automatic pool cleaner
  • Kreepy Krauly Kruiser TM Automatic inground pool cleaner
  • Great White inground pool cleaner
  • Sandshark TM inground pool cleaner
  • Dorado Suctions-side pool cleaner
  • Warrior Suctions-side inground pool cleaner
  • Rebel Suctions-side inground pool cleaner
  • ‘Lil Shark TM above ground pool cleaner
  • E-Z VAC Suctions-side above ground pool cleaner

Pentair Robotic pool cleaner

  • Prowler 820 Robotic inground pool cleaner
  • Prowler 830 Robotic inground pool cleaner
  • Prowler 910 Robotic above ground pool cleaner
  • Prowler 920 Robotic inground pool cleaner

Pentair Pressure side pool cleaner

  • LEGEND Pressure-side inground pool cleaner
  • LEGEND ll Pressure-side inground pool cleaner
  • PLATINUM TM Pressure-side inground pool cleaner
  • RACER Pressure-side inground pool cleaner
  • RACER LS Pressure-side inground pool cleaner

Discontinued Pentair Pool Cleaners:

Pool Sweep I and II – L79BL

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