Nihilistic / pessimistic / realist perspective can cause a depression

Founded here, someone who said the above sentence and advised a book to help a change of view.

I don’t think the author is right in what he or she says. I feel it is the other way around. the depression comes first and is the cause for the nihilistic / pessimistic / realist perspective.

Still it triggers a spark of interest in me so I am going to read it. I will rate it later.


Being nihilistic can cause a kind of existential depression. Likewise being pessimistic and or “a realist” can cause a kind of depression too. These are both perspectives, and at the heart of chaos magick is being able to change perspectives to fit whatever works best in the moment. So therefore, chaos magick can cure one of the more common kinds of depression. For information on how to do this the book Prometheus Rising is a fun and quick read, though you have to read the whole book and do some of the exercises to really get a handle on it. The book is also a prerequisite for chaos magick, so if you’re curious exploring the most powerful kind of magick, reading PR is two birds with one stone.

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