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Middle pillar vs Qabalistic cross vs LBRP

Middle pillar :

Middle pillar

  • Creating extra energy and master the basics of energy manipulation. (meant to build up the energy of tree of life)
  • First learn to detect energy
  • Then learn to influence energy
  • Extra: meditation, enhance concentration and increase divine energy, elevate consciousness.

Eheieh: I am – Higher self
YHVH Elohim: The lord god – Connection consciousness and higher self
YHVH Eloah Va Daath: of knowledge and wisdom – Conscious mind
Shaddai El Chai: the almighty – Subconscious mind
Adonai Ha Aretz: Lord of the earth – Physical body

Qabalistic cross:

Qabbalistic Cross

  • Centering (+ grounding)
  • focussing,
  • balancing

Pater Noster (Lord’s prayer) : For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory forever, amen.

Ateh: Thou art
Malkuth: The kingdom
Vegeburah: The power (re)
Vegehdula: The glory (li)
Le Olam: Forever
Amen: So be it

Grow huge on globe


  • Aura hygiene (clean clinging energetic debris),
  • Energetic protection,
  • focus & mental clarity
  • Environmental cleaning
  • Subconscious awakening
  • evocation primer

LBRP = creating a sacred space; standing between the worlds (physical /spiritual)

1) Qabalistic Cross to ground and center

2) Create pentagrams



East pentagram : YHVH

South pentagram : Adonai

West pentagram : Eheieh

Nord pentagram : AGLA (ah gay la)


3) Evoke archangels

East: Raphael (intellect) – yellow, caduceus, air, spring

West: Gabriel (psyche) – Blue, chalice, water, autumn.

South: Michael (strength) – Red, sword, fire, summer

North: Uriel (physical) – Brown/green, earth, pentacle, winter

Above: Metatron – White, Nothing as he is pure energy so beyond all symbolism

Below: Sandalphon – Pale brown, material plane, cornucopia (horn of plenty (fruits + vegatables)),

4) Return to pentagrams,

see hexagram of balance, create a sphere of light

5) Close by Qabalistic cross

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