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Intex Auto Pool Cleaner

This Intex Auto Pool Cleaner is of course the first one to look at if you own an Intex above ground pool. I would too. And all in all this is a reasonably good cleaner for a lot of users. There are a few handy tips to know though… But first let’s start with the deals as that is probably why you came here anyway.

Intex Auto Pool Cleaner Deals

Intex Auto Pool Cleaner
10,336 Reviews
Intex Auto Pool Cleaner
  • Power source type: Air Powered

Intex Auto Pool Cleaner Review with Pros & Cons


  • Compatible for Intex above ground pools, easy installation
  • Cheap compared to other pool cleaners
  • Good average reviews
  • Good enough for keeping a clean pool clean


  • If you don’t have an Intex pump it does not fit
  • Hard to assemble
  • Not powerful enough for fixing a dirty pool

Pros of the Intex Auto Pool Cleaner:

As said, easy-peasy to install in Intex above ground pools. Though the manual says your pool bottom needs to be smooth, a few small wrinkles are no problem for this cleaner. And of course its price which is really remarkable for an auto pool cleaner.

Cons of the Intex Auto Pool Cleaner:

Not suitable for inground pools as the machine is not strong enough for those. They are often bigger and made of a different material. You need to clean as well the debris net of your cleaner as the pumps filter if you choose this cleaner.


Though pressure side pool cleaners are not normally used in above ground pools the Intex auto pool cleaner is a very famous one. This pressure cleaner is a bottom only cleaner and uses the backflow of your pool pump.


The Intex pool cleaner is a Pressure side pool cleaner and not an suction side as some sites say. The cleaner is for pools up to 20 feet. (the hoses have a length of 24 feet). It uses a brush to loosen up the debris and then catches part of it in its debris net. The rest ends up in the filter of your pump and the skimming basket. So you need to clean these two out regularly. (rinse with a garden hose)


You need a pool pump with a flow rate of at least 1200 GPH up to 3500 GPH according to the manual. Even though you see that most of the people with problems have a flow rate beneath the 2000 so a bit more flow rate seems better to keep it moving around.




A good pool pump, preferably by Intex


See the deals above.


If you own an Intex pool pump the installation is a breeze and you will love this little cleaner. If you don;t it takes a handy man or women to install it and it will not be a user friendly experience.




Does the pool bottom need to be smooth?
Answer: Yes it does. some small wrinkles won’t be a big problem but over al it does.

Does this work with any above ground pool or does it have to be an Intex?
Answer: It is designed to fit on the Intex pump. If you have that one it will work if not you need to make a fitting connection to your pump brand, perhaps it will work then.

Will this work with a above ground Colemann pool?
Answer: That depends mostly on the pool pump. If you have an Intex pool pump you will be fine if not it takes work to get it to work. It is possible though, but there are simpler options available.

Hose leaks and vacuum stops quite often i have 2800 gpm Intex sand pump?

How do I attach this to the outlet of the pool filter? The screen doesn’t seem to unscrew.

Has anyone had this pool cleaner move too fast, do wheelies and stir everything up??
Answer: What is the power of your pool pump? can you turn it down? You can adjust the water flow on the Intex sand filter. Use the dial on the top of the inlet valve.

The Intex robot has started going forward only! I have tried changing the pressure but that didn’t help! It just goes forward!
Answer: You could try to carefully open the Intex cleaner and see if there is dirt stuck in the gears.

Will this vacuum work on the dual suction setup?
Answer; yes. It hooks up on the water coming back in your pool so the suction power doesn’t matter.

Does it come with the hoses
Answer: Yes.

Would this work with a SFX1500 wall pump that is on the summer waves pool?
Answer: This cleaner needs at least 1600 GPH 26.7 GPM so probably this is not a good match.

Will this cleaner work on in ground pool?
Answer: Depends on the bottom of your inground pool, if it has a slope the cleaner will stay in the deep end as it is not strong enough to climb back up.

Will this work with a sand filter pump?
Answer: If the pump is strong enough it will.

How does it suck debris from the bottom when the hose is attached to the valve that water enters the pool?
Answer: It uses a siphon-like flow.

What’s your take on the Intex auto pool cleaner? Do not hesitate to share your opinion in the comments below!

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