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How to change anything

Chapter 1) Introduction – new way to achieve all Your Dreams

Name something you want. Why don’t you have it yet?

Discrepancy between conscious and subconscious mind:
Lose weight – versus – pie looks great

Transpose = Emotional transmutation

* the left brain (words, logic)
* the right brain (patterns, symbols)
* the mid-brain (emotions)
* and the brain stem (physical stimulation)

Basic three steps:

1. Create a Target that defines what you want, one that is clearly understood by all aspects of your Unconscious Mind.

2. Prioritize your Target — Flag it so that you will remain Unconsciously focused on it while you get on with your activities.

3. Resolve any self-defeating Unconscious habit patterns that can prevent you from achieving your target.


Chapter 2: Basic Achievement Step 1 – Set Your First Target

You’ll identify your Basic Achievement Objective (BA Objective), what you want to achieve.
Then convert it into a Target that all the major parts of your Conscious Mind and Unconscious Mind will agree on and support.

* the left brain (words, logic)
* the right brain (patterns, symbols)
* the mid-brain (emotions)
* and the brain stem (physical stimulation)

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Make a BA target:
1) Create a BA objective
2) Create a Meta-story. Memory with all the blockers out of it.

How do you tell if you’re on track with your desires?
You’re on solid ground as long as the seemingly impossible elements include an intuitive feeling that they are reasonable and “right for you.”


Chapter 2B: Setting Effective Basic Achievement Targets – alternative method?

Consciously choosing Where You’re Headed


Chapter 3: Basic Achievement Step 2: Prioritize (More Important Than Distractions)

How do you get your Unconscious to stay in line?     Repetition!

1. Sit down with your Target statement.
2. Imagine and experience what your Target describes, reading it silently. Create a movie in your head.
3. Read through your Target statement 100 times. Aloud or explicitly talking to yourself.
4. Write your Target statement 100 times by hand. Then 1 time a day.

Write down the blockers. Your resistance is a message from your unconsciousness.


Chapter 3B – Prioritizing Your Target

Why prioritize?
1. Keeps your unconscious focused while your conscious mind is all over the place.
2. Triggers the blockers

Keep record of the blockers.

Between each writing add an imaginary experience of having just successfully achieved your BA Target.

Add an imaginary experience in a ball of white light and place it in your heart chakra. Once there, silently say into your Heart Chakra, “This is the way I would like things to be. Please make this happen in ways that are for the highest good of me and everyone else involved.”Next, with your in-breath, feel that white ball of light and the Imaginary Experience become apart of you.


Chapter 4: Basic Achievement Step 3: Avoid Or Resolve Unconscious Conflicts That Would Normally Block Reaching Your Target

1 Get around your blockers by editing your Target statement until if feels right to you.
2 Avoid your blockers by refining your understanding of what blockers are, where they come from, and how to avoid them.
3 Eliminate blockers from your life once and for all, by resolving them.

Normal way to deal with blockers is letting one of the 2 win, unconsciousness or consciousness.



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