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Hayward AquaNaut – Review

The Hayward Aquanaut comes in 4 different types but its main two models are the 200 and the 400 version. Lets start of with those and their differences so you know for which one you need to look.

Hayward AquaNaut Deals


Hayward AquaNaut Review

Let’s start with the main differences of these two suction side pool vacuums:

The Hayward aquanaut 200: has 2 large wheels and is made for pools up to 30 feet (the total hose length is 33 feet)

The Hayward aquanaut 400: has 2 large and two small wheels and is made for larger pools or for especially deep pools (deeper then 9 feet). The total hose length is 40 feet.

Pros of the Hayward AquaNaut:

Let’s start with the easy installation.
Cleans the bottom and the walls of a pool. This cleaner has a special flexible system to prevent clogging so if your pool larger sized debris this is a good option. A special mechanism is built in to prevent losing suction on small unevenness in the bottom like drains (an adjustable skirt).

Cons of the Hayward AquaNaut:

Replacement tire threats are hard to find but needed after 2 years due to wear age. Some owners have problems with the wall climbing of the aquanaut. Though the vacuum cleaner is said to work on adjustable speed pumps a bit stronger suction power is needed to climb walls.


The Hayward Aquanaut is suitable for all pool surfaces like pebble tec, gunite, concrete, fiberglass and tiles. Even vinyl is possible.



The size is 11 x 9 x 8.5 inches and the weight is 17.7 pounds


2 models, the Aquanaut 200 and its stronger brother for larger pools, the Aquanaut 400.



Check the deals above.


A no-brainer, the installation and usage is simple.


It come with a two year limited warranty on both, the 2 wheel and the 4 wheel aquanaut.


Does warranty cover wheel replacement or maintenance parts?
Answer: not the part due to normal tear and wear. Contact Hayward to ask.

my Hayward aquanaut constantly flips over.
I had two of the original designs which both had problems getting jammed on tiny grains of sand. Anybody experience the same with this one?
We ice in AZ and have a lot of dust storms does this suck up dirt on the bottom of pool floor?
Does the dirt goes directly to the filter system or there’s a filter/leaf canister in itself? Would the big piece debris damage the filter system?
Both front and back tires are shredding sticky pieces and look like they are melting. Is this covered under warranty?
What length and how many hoses come with the 400
Does it cover a pool of 20′ x 40′?
does the cleaner climb the walls?
Will this get stuck on my raised main drain?
Is this cleaner safe to use on for plaster coated pools?
Does the hose get tangled during the cleaning cycle as it appears that it does not have a swivel top?
Will this harm my vinyl liner?
I see the minimum flow rate at 35gpm. But what is the recommended flow rate for the 400?
Will this work on a above ground pool? And with different tires?
Why does our aquanaut 200 float and have lots of air bubbles on it.

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