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Dolphin Premier – Review

Dolphin Premier Deals

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Dolphin Premier Review + Pros & Cons

The Dolphin premier is a top of the market pool cleaner. But what do the users say about this robot? There are different reviews most positive, some negative.


  • Sparkling Pool
  • Cleans bottom and walls and waterline
  • Energy efficient
  • All automatic and timable
  • Smart nav pool scanning
  • 3 years warranty


  • High Price compared to other robot pool cleaners
  • Not an easy manual
  • Not all is included. You need to buy the caddy and the remote control seperately

Pros of the Dolphin Premier:

One of the few cleaners that actually cleans the whole wall. The main reaon is a new way of giving the cleaner a grip on the wall so it doesn’t stop halfway.

Cons of the Dolphin Premier:


This is a pool robot suitable for Gunite, Plaster, Vinyl, or Fiberglass pools. As it has an oversized leaf bag it is very suitable for pools with trees close by. It scrubs the waterline, wall and bottom of the pool. It has a tangle free swivel to prevent cable tangling.



The size is 23.5 x 20 x 14 inches



Physical remote available


See the deals above.



It has a 3 year warranty with no-nonsense rapid repair.There are no limits on hours or cycles. This makes this warranty one of the best in the industry.

FAQ Dolphin Premier

Why when calling Maytronics do they state that the Premier was released in 2012? $1187 seems like a lot for a product that should really be about $700

I cannot find a “Dolphin Premier” on the Maytronics website. They have a bunch in a “premium” class but nothing titled Dolphin Premier. So does it exist or not?
At this price point, look at the Dolphin Triton Plus. It has top loading cartridges so you don’t have to flip the unit over to get to them like you do with the Premier. It also has split brushes for better maneuverability, a quick run cycle option, and comes with the caddy and remote.
The original model Premier was released back in 2012. Every year, they have made improvements and upgrades to the robot and this model. For example, the new 2016 model now comes with the bag assembly pre-installed for your convenience, instead of having to be purchased separately and assembled by the customer!

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