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All Dolphin pool cleaners list

All Maytronic Dolphin pool cleaners are listed here. At the bottom is a list of the discontinued Dolphin pool cleaners.

Dolphin Robot Pool Cleaners

dolphin pool cleanersbasic, classic and top-of-the-line

Dolphin M-series

  • Dolphin M200
    Dolphin M400
    Dolphin M500
    Dolphin M500 Liberty

Dolphin S-series

  • Dolphin S100
    Dolphin S200
    Dolphin S300
    Dolphin S300i

Dolphin E-series

  • Dolphin E10
    Dolphin E20

Dolphin Explorer

  • Dolphin Explorer
    Dolphin Explorer Plus

Dolphin Zenit

  • Dolphin Zenit 10
    Dolphin Zenit 12
    Dolphin Zenit 15
    Dolphin Zenit 20
    Dolphin Zenit 30
    Dolphin Zenit Liberty

Dolphin Active SP

  • Dolphin Active 3
    Dolphin Active Classic
    Dolphin Active 4
    Dolphin Active 5
    Dolphin Active 5 Liberty

Dolphin Active GE

  • Dolphin Smart Active
    Dolphin Comfort
    Dolphin Comfort Active
    Dolphin Delux Active
    Dolphin Delux Liberty

Dolphin Master

  • Dolphin Master M3
    Dolphin Master M4
    Dolphin Master M5

Dolphin Thunder

  • Dolphin Thunder 10
    Dolphin Thunder 20
    Dolphin Thunder 30

Dolphin Swash

  • Dolphin Swash
    Dolphin Swash CL
    Dolphin Swash TC

Dolphin Economy

  • Dolphin Swift
    Dolphin Moby
    Dolphin Diagnostic 2001
    Dolphin Dynamic Plus
    Dolphin Sprite C
    Dolphin Sprite RC

Dolphin Suction pool cleaners

Hybrid DX2
Hybrid RS1
Hybrid Platinum

Dolphin Pressure pool cleaners


Check up the list here 

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