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Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

Description: The Dolphin Nautilus Plus is a robotic inground pool vacuum cleaner which cleans bottom and walls. What makes this pool cleaner special is that it vacuums and scrubs.

Dolphin Nautilus Plus Deals

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Dolphin Nautilus Plus Review

Pros of the Dolphin Nautilus Plus:

The plus cleans very well, also when a pool is real dirty it can handle the problems. According to consumer reports it is as good with algae problems as it is with leave problems. It not only vacuums but also scrubs the walls free of algae and dirt. As for handling the cleaner, its filter is easy take out and clean with a hose. Maytronics customer service is very good which is good to know that when you do have a problem they will help.

Cons of the Dolphin Nautilus Plus:

The control panel has a flimsy feel over it. You keep wondering if it can handle the weather and you feel like you need to take care with handling it. It is a heavy cleaner (16.5 lbs) to take out of the water, though the caddy helps with moving the unit around.


Anti tangle swivel cable.
An easy to use power supply.
Cleverclean navigation system.


16.5 lbs




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FAQ Dolphin Nautilus Plus

How much Voltage does the power supply of the Dolphin Nautilus need?
Answer: Just a normal 120V outlet is sufficient for this cleaner.

Can the nautilus also be used in ponds or hot tubs?
Answer: No, It can not be used in hot tubs as the optimal temperature is between 43 and 93 degrees. The chemicals of a hot tub are different of a pool too. This cleaner is not suitable for ponds.

Is the power supply weather proof?
Answer: The power supply is not waterproof, though a bit of spray water is no problem. You can’t submerge it in water like most electric equipment. Keep it covered from bad weather.

Can I leave my dolphin nautilus in the water when it is not cleaning?
Answer: Yes you can but you will prolong its life when you store it out of the water. When you work on the chemical balance of your pool and add stuff in the pool your cleaner should be out of it.

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