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Differences between the Baracuda G3 versus the G4

– G3 versus G4

Compare the Baracuda G3 versus the G4

The Baracuda G3 vs the G4 pool cleaners, are both cleaners by Zodiac and are similar in many ways, but they do have their differences. They are both made to clean in ground pools. The G4 can be purchased for around the same price with the G3 slightly the lower. According to the customer reviews there is a huge difference between the two pool vacuums in favor of the G3.

Main Features and Differences between the Baracuda G3 and the Baracuda G4

In short:

  • The G3 and the G4 move around differently through the pool
  • The G3 has a flowkeeper to surface skim

Both pool cleaners use a cleaning disc with fins to help each one adhere to the pool surface for better cleaning results. But the Baracuda G4 technology also includes a sail that the G3 does not have. The sail helps the cleaner move around the corners and steps in your pool. The G3’s method of efficient steering is the guards that are around each wheel, which allow it to successfully bounce off the sides of the pool and steps so they don’t become hung up. The Baracuda G3 has “Flowkeeper”, which allows you to switch the mode of the cleaner to a surface skimmer. The G4 does not have Flowkeeper technology.

Which Baracuda G Cleaner is the Right One for You?

Both cleaners are fast, efficient cleaners with disc fin technology that allows them to stick to the bottom of the pool better. The G3 has a slightly longer hose than the G4 for bigger pools. Both work automatically when your pool’s pump works. The G-3’s ease of installation and the fact that it has been successfully tested in some pools that are traditionally difficult to clean, may convince you to lean toward this model.

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What’s your take on the zodiac Baracuda G3 versus the G4? Do you think one is better then the other? Do not hesitate to share your opinion in the comments below!

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