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Alternative Treatment for Depression

A list of all the Alternative Treatment for Depression I could find in the last half a year.
(Oh, and of course the usual advice: go to your doctor, this is not a replacement advice, just extra tips.)

Wim Hofman Method

The Wim Hofman method is based on changing your chemistry without pills by using two things:

  1. Breathing technique to make the body alkaline.
  2. Having a cold shower.

Here is the breathing technique explained and practiced in 5 minutes.

Sedona Method

The Sedona method is invented by Lester Levenson.
It is mainly a release method for about anything you can think of. Feelings with or without cause.

It exists of a few steps:

  1. What  do you feel? Feel it.
  2. Can you let it go? Yes or no.
  3. Do you want to let it go/be free of this? Yes or no.
  4. When? Now

And repeat this cycle until the answer is Yes, I let it go now. Can take about 1 to 20 cycles, longer when it is a long lasting problem. When you fall back in the negative thoughts do it again. 3 Times a day, even when you feel good, on all negative things you encounter.

Occultism: As above so below, as inside – so outside.

What happens on one level of reality also happens on every other level; the microcosm and macrocosm behave alike.

Or said differently; negative fantasy in your head become real feelings.

Reddit line

Pull your self out of your own mind.
Only outward thought. No inward thoughts.
Put your total focus on a plant or tree in front of you, put EVERYTHING you are into to plant/tree.

What do you mean by outward thought?

Think out of your body.
Inward is directed at self.
Outward is directed at other things.


Sigil to quiet the mind: GoM

Adam blackthorne – sigils magick

Depression and a soul mirror

A soul mirror is something that basically everyone should do –

Basically some deep soul searching, list out all the good and bad things about yourself.
Then break that down further into elemental categories, which shows where the imbalances are, and can lead the way with how to fix them.

Depression and a light box / Sunbox

Energy work and depression

I have not read a lot about this but I guess there are a few different main types.

  • Chakra energy
  • Energy work- pulling in energy / pushing out energy
  • Visualization? Is this energy work?
  • Aura work?
  • Grounding, centering, shielding.

Depression caused by energy issue

Grounding exercises!
Physical energy – thyroid hormone.

Depression and visualizations

Positive visualizations – Reddit link Here.

Watch YouTube videos by Mitch Horowitz or read his book the Miracle Club. It’s not magick per se, but it does go from magic to psychology to quantum physics and… it’s very practical and easy, just using your hypnotic state before going to bed for positive visualizations (goals,) Its made a big difference, I get up feeling great each day.

visualizing warming sunshine washing over you, filling you with boundless energy, enthusiasm, curiosity and a deep contentment.

Banishing and depression


LBRP – #ad

Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP)

Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP) is an often named one.
Description: 30 continuous days, no exceptions.

I use a different one myself. SB and MPR.
Those are mainly directed at weird voodoo attacks and spirit attachments.

Another one is the Circle of Power by GOM.

Chaos magick as alternative treatment for depression

Serotonine boost chaos magick

This is some method described by Taylor Ellwood, a chaos magicking believer. It was way to complicated for me.

For what I understood of it: Go out of your body, then as a micro thought into your body and see where the chemistry is lacking. Correct it by believing you corrected it, which will make it so.

Read here.

Well I (Taylor – the author) decided my depression was caused by lack of serotonin so I looked up what nutrients are needed for serotonin synthesis. I chose to believe that by taking a handful of vitamins everyday (practice a ritual) my body would produce more serotonin. Then I became less depressed, and in fact have experienced joy (that’s a weird feeling).

Depression and Mindfulness / yoga

For some people this is a big one. There are a whole lot of courses for yoga and mindfulness, online and in your neighborhood.

Here are some books who indirectly work on this.

Power of now

Power of now – #ad

The power of now – Eckhart Tolle

This is a famous one. I found it a though cookie to read. Mainly because it repeats itself throughout the book again and again. Still it did give me a sense of what was meant. And it even did help to feel me uplifted a bit. But though this book is useful to help to dim the symptoms of depression a bit, this sure ain’t gonna cure a depression for me.


Depression and Exercise / outdoors

Yeah, yeah… We all know this should help.

Exercise and depression

The big problem is that going to the iron altar (the gym) or hop on your mountain bike is kinda the last thing you want to do when depressed.
GoM has a sigil which could help you start with this.

Outdoors and depression

Going out in nature helps getting through the day but ain’t gonna get that depression out of your head, unfortunately. Perhaps if you stay and work hard outdoors for hours a day, but at least in my country most jobs are indoors. And it can be quit cold outside here.

Depression and procrastination

Procrastination is a huge problem when depressed. Though some people tend to think it is a cause, I think it is a consequence of depression. But even though it ain’t a cause it is a real bother and makes live harder. You feel even less worth if you can’t even do the normal things until the end.

There are a few nice sigils to help you battle this. GoM has a few easy ones to try.

Nihilistic / pessimistic / realist perspective can cause a depression

Founded here, someone who said the above sentence and advised a book to help a change of view.

Prometheus rising

Prometheus rising – #ad

I don’t think the author is right in what he or she says. I feel it is the other way around. the depression comes first and is the cause for the nihilistic / pessimistic / realist perspective.

Still it triggers a spark of interest in me so I am going to read it. I will rate it later.


Being nihilistic can cause a kind of existential depression. Likewise being pessimistic and or “a realist” can cause a kind of depression too. These are both perspectives, and at the heart of chaos magick is being able to change perspectives to fit whatever works best in the moment. So therefore, chaos magick can cure one of the more common kinds of depression. For information on how to do this the book Prometheus Rising is a fun and quick read, though you have to read the whole book and do some of the exercises to really get a handle on it. The book is also a prerequisite for chaos magick, so if you’re curious exploring the most powerful kind of magick, reading PR is two birds with one stone.


Meditation and Depression

Doialternative treatment for depression ng meditation, even a few minutes a day is widely advised.

Here will come a list of the often named meditations:

  • Middle pillar meditation
  • some chakra meditations


Depression can stem from a lack of control

Depression and drinking water

Like about 1 1/2 liter a day. Try to put a little bit of salt in it. It seems to help some and is good for your physical health too.

Depression and food / nutrients

  • Low-Carbohydrate Diet
  • No sugar

Depression and Binaural beats

Didn’t work for me but you could give it a shot.

Depression and alternative medicine and supplements

  • aromatherapy inhalers (bergamot),
  • bach flowers
  • st janskruid

depression – YouTube explanation

reddit : psychomotor retardation

Stones/ Cristals as alternative treatment for depression

  • rose quartz
  • ametrist
  • carne…


Depression caused by some type of entity or attachment

magick/spiritual intervention

Depression and Isolation

Make friends… right…

Depression and genetic predisposition

This list for alternative treatment for depression is in no way exhaustive but I hope it is a good starter for some.

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