Polaris 9350 versus Polaris 9450 versus Polaris 9550 Sport

Which pool cleaner would your pool need? The Polaris 9350 versus Polaris 9450 versus Polaris 9550?
Here is a table and summary of their differences.

Polaris 9350 versus Polaris 9450 versus Polaris 9550 Comparison Table

 Polaris 9350 Sport
Polaris 9350
Polaris 9450 Sport
Polaris 9450
Polaris 9550 Sport
Polaris 9550
price *updated every 4 hours*$896.96$1,056.94$1,079.97
Remote ControlNoNoMotion-Sensing Remote
Cleaning CycleDual Mode Cleaning:
1.5 & 2.5 Hours
7-Day Programmable7-Day Programmable
Cleaning ModesFloor, WallsFloor, WallsFloor, Walls, Waterline
Cable Length60' Cable / 50' Pool60' Cable / 50' Pool70' Cable / 60' Pool
Dirty Canister IndicatorNoNoYes

What’s the difference between the Polaris 9350 versus 9450 versus 9550 Sport?

First the short answer. The main differences IMHO are:

  • The 9350 is the basic version.
  • The 9450 is one step up. It is programmable and it has 4 wheel drive.
  • The 9550 sport has as extra the remote control and it cleans the waterline!
  • And the overall difference is of course the price.

What are the pros and cons of these differences?

Alas, why should you pay more?

  • The 9350: is the basic version, without any extras. It is a proven concept over time. It has all you need to work well without all the specialties to make cleaning your pool a complicate process. Great if you have a regular sized and shaped pool.
  • The 9450: is one step up, you can program it for seven days so you will not need to remember to put it to work. It has the 4 wheel drive which does seem to make it work better in larger pools.
  • The 9550: has as extra over the other two: it cleans the bottom, the walls and the waterline! The most expensive robotic cleaner but AAhhh, it cleans it all for you! No need to still go in and still clean the waterline yourself. This is a part most pool cleaners don’t do particularly well on, though it is often advertised. For some unknown reason one pool cleaner model does a good waterline scrub in one pool, but a bad waterline scrub in a different pool. The Polaris 9550 Sport seems to scrub the waterline well in rectangular pools. And if you feel one part is not clean enough you can use the remote control to sent it back to work at that specific spot again. Great for odd shaped pools.

So the bottom line is: What is your money worth and what are you willing to do yourself?

a few small differences

Further there are a few small differences which can matter for a small group of people. Like the Polaris 9350 and the Polaris 9450 have a pleated brush which is good enough for … and the 9550 has a solid blade which comes in handy for… . The top model has a dirty canister indicator. You don’t particularly need it but when you do have it, it comes in handy.

There are also a few things that are included in all Polaris robotic pool cleaners. These are:

Polaris 9350

 Polaris 9350 Robotic Automatic In-Ground Pool Cleaner

Polaris 9350 Overview

Polaris 9450

Polaris 9450 robotic Automatic In-Ground Pool Cleaner

Polaris 9450 Overview

Polaris 9550 Sport

Polaris 9550 robotic Automatic In-Ground Pool Cleaner

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