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Best Toy Cash Register reviews 2021 – for kids play

toy cash registerOne of the most fun games there is for their age: best toy cash register for kids! Sorting by color and sorting by number keeps them going for hours. This is one of those toys that will actually be used a lot as kids just love to play “little shop”. In our case it is either a pet shop or a candy store.

Cash register toys are great educational toys too (important for us, parents). Basic math skills with their brothers or sisters next to the sorting will help them learn that.

Best Toy Cash Register table
Here is a list of the best toy cash registers reviewed. Most are for both, boys and girls but some are made pink (like the Barbie cash register). The ages range from 1 year and toddlers up to their kinder garden time and after. There are wooden cash registers and plastic toy registers, just have a look around the list. 

Special cash register models:

Barbie Cash Register

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Barbie cash register

There are a lot of different barbie cash registers like Barbie Large Cash Register / Barbie Just Play Large Cash Register Roleplay / Barbie Small Cash Register / Barbie Blinging Cash Register Toy / 1999 Barbie Shop With Me Cash Register / Barbie Shopping Spree Cash Register and the list goes on.

I really adore these types but as I have two boys they are not for us.
The reviews on this site will be better able to tell you if they are solid quality then I can.
If you want to see an overview of the different barbie cash register models click here – #ad

McDonalds cash register toy

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McDonalds cash register toy

McDonald Cash Register Toy’s are great fun! Your kid can play role playing games of running a Mcdonalds shop, taking and delivering orders for burgers and french fries while at the same time pretending to eat lots of burgers from their favorite restaurant.

Kids just love McDonald’s and playing to work there is still adorable. And while doing this restaurant game he or she can learn a bit of calculating basics and counting numbers.

To buy a MacDonald Cash Register Toy now a days is a bit of a challenge, mainly to find one. You could try it over here or here. – #ad

Features of the Mcdonald’s Cash Register Toy:

It includes 16 pieces.
The set contains play food (a hamburger, french fries and a fake McDonald drink) for pretend orders
Play money is of course included
This cash register has a working calculator
When pressing a button it will recite menu picks
The register has a real calculator to teach your kid adding and subtraction

All in all this McDonald Cash Register Toy is a good choice for kids who love McDonalds

toy cash register with scanner

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toy cash register with scanner

Most of the modern cash registers have a scanner nowadays. They can scan barcodes very realistic with a bleeping sound, which is nice for the HSP mothers under us.

There are a few models worth calling by name :
– first of all the Funerica toy cash register with scanner,
– another is the the Barbie large cash register from above that has a scanner,
– even the McDonald model has a scanner.

The best toy cash register with scanner depends on what you like. Check the reviews to see the quality.

Play cash registers with conveyor

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toy cash register with conveyor belt

Play cash registers with a conveyor belt are a little less available but there is still choice enough.

Colors: Somehow it did took me some time to find a few which were not pink. (I know my boys and probably there are more parent with this color problem). But here is a nice child’s cash register with conveyor belt.

realistic toy cash register

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realistic toy cash register /Electronic cash register toy

For a really realistic looking cash register I would go to the second hand store, which we actually did for the boys school, by the way. You do need to pay a bit more though as even the old ones are not cheap.

If it is just the wild colors you dislike, then the one to the left is perhaps a good option. This is an actually working cash register working on solar energy. It has large buttons, suitable for little hands and opening the drawer makes a ka-ching sound.

There aren’t a lot of accessories to distract the attention from the calculator. All in all this is a good register for kids who love counting and maths. So good for learning or bad for role playing, your choice.

Zillionz Talking Cash Register

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Zillions cash register toys r us

The Zillionz Talking Cash Register is available in a few different colors, but I mainly found the pink, red and blue Zillionz Talking Register. It is not one of the cheaper registers and their reviews are not always that good.

Features of the Zillionz Talking Cash Register

– it has an amplified microphone for their voice
– There is a pretend scanner with an additional set of bar code stickers
– A pretend credit card
– bills and coins
Recommended age: 5 years and older, which makes them suitable for a different age then most registers.

fisherprice cash register

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fisher-price cash register

And my own favorite: the fisherprice cash register. If you are looking for a durable cash register this is one of those old fashioned toy cash register golden oldies. My nanny had one and our kids just love that vintage toy cash register.

It does not have fancy scanners, it is not an electronic cash register toy. But it does have that mechanical system. This is a great baby and toddler cash register! Put a coin in and get it back again and start over. Same as the little tikes cash register toy.

Age: 1 – 3 years old.

Toy cash register brands

Lots of children’s toy brands make these pretend play registers. Here are most of the often seen brands:

alex toys talking cash register
b toys cash register
battat cash register toy
barbie cash register toy
boley kids toy cash register
big mo s toys cash register
b&m cash register toy
cash register toy fisher price
cash register piggy bank toy
divisoria cash register toy
david jones toy cash register
Disney cash register toy
Fisher price cash register
frozen cash register toy for girls
ikea cash register toy
just like home toy cash register
kohls cash register toy
le toy van cash register
little tikes cash register toy
mcdonald s kids toy cash register
melissa and doug toy cash register
prextex pretend play electronic toy cash register
toys r us cash register
Zillionz Talking Cash Register

Advice for buying a toy register for your child!

Though most cash registers will do here are a few buying tips to help you pick your favorite one.

For which age are toy Cash Registers good fun?

Baby and toddler toy cash register:

If there are younger children living in the same house you need to consider the size of the coins and other accessories as you want to evade choking risks when you are one second busy doing something else. (I know, bad mommy, but trust me, you will be doing something else like helping an older sibling to the toilet or preparing food.)

For the baby and toddler age you will need very durable registers because they can play rough with their toys. The cash registers for toddlers often have larger accessories as they don’t have the fine motor skills for paper bills yet. 2 good examples are the fisher price and the little tikes registers.

Toy Cash registers for 3 -5 years:

I personally hate all those battery sound toys but there are a few registers which speak the number of the coin you throw in and even sing songs. Toddlers seem to like the noise and the flashing lights even though mommy tends to get too much sensory assaults in her ears. (remember, you are not a bad mom if you choose one without it!!)

Toy cash registers for 5 years:

For a little older kids (4 and 5 years old) you can choose a register with more accessories and with coins and paper money. Their fine motor skills will be good enough to start practicing on those smaller things. As they get older pretend play will grow more advanced and it is nice if their toys grow with them. There are even cash registers with scanning and weighting attributes. Or with actually working calculators and drawers.

Cash register set for 6 – 7 years:

And for the even older kids one with a lot of features will teach them about shopping and paying for things. That is why schools often have a real register (old but still functional). They learn a lot from pretend play. Speaking machines are often considered childish at this age so one looking like the real thing is the way to go.

Wooden toy cash register versus plastic toy cash register

A wooden register is often more expensive and  it has a solid feel in our heads, like:
– it’s much better for the environment,
– it is sustainable,
– it will be more durable then other materials
– so as a conclusion it will last for the next generation.

But nowadays the truth is that plastic cash registers are often made from recycled materials so they are not necessarily worse for the environment and not more or less sustainable. With plastic models you can find features like sounds and lights if you are looking for that.

And whether it is more durable and will be kept for the next generation depends more on the quality of the toy you buy. So that is what our advice would be: whether you prefer a wooden or a plastic cash register, but are fine but try to buy one of a good quality so it will at least last your kid and his or her siblings and perhaps go on for the second round with a new generation.

Toy Cash Register accessories

The first basic thing that comes to mind: is there enough play coins and billets. Those tend to disappear and reappear over time in a house with kids so if there is to little it can be a problem. And buying more play coins separately is difficult, sometimes you can have luck on eBay, often it is impossible.

Other features and accessories are scanners and weighting possibilities. Often accompanied by play fruits and vegetables to put on a scale.

There are modern models with a credit card reader which seems handy, as your little one can learn himself how to buy his life into debt from a very young age. And some of the modern models have a conveyor belt to help them to get adjusted to their future life. No without kidding, it gives them a larger role playing opportunity.

What I really do like is the ones with extra storage space. As a mother I know toys take a lot of space, while it is so nice to have things which belong together stored together. And there are even models that are fit for real money, which would be useless for my kids as I want them to learn not to play with real money and put it in their saving place.

Build a diy toy cash register

My conclusion

Toy cash registers are great toys to play with. We loved them when we where young and it is still a favored toy, which goes a long way.  Next to that it is a very educational toy: it learns through role playing and gives them the basic of math and sorting.

Cash register toy price range from about $20 up to $45. This is an average of course. If you see an collectors vintage cash register toy the price will go up. The 3 best places to find them online are: cash register toy Walmart / Amazon / Ebay.

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