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Best robotic pool cleaner – top 5

Intro: The best robotic pool cleaner depends on the debris your pool acquires. Does your pool area have lots of sand or big leaves, small leaves or algae, or an acorn tree in the neighbors garden? Here is a top 5 list of often used robotic pool cleaners with their reviews.

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Best Robotic Pool Cleaner Reviews

1) Dolphin Nautilus / Dolphin Nautilus Plus Review

Cleaning Power and Performance:
The Dolphin Nautilus is a robotic pool cleaner that cleans thoroughly, often better then a lot of other pool cleaners. The standard nautilus has a random pattern versus the nautilus plus which has IntelliScan Technology to scan your pool and not just randomly bump around.

Endurance / quality: It should be removed from the pool after each cycle. If you do so and clean the filters after usage it has a good endurance. The power of the pump remains good. There are not a lot of parts which need replacements once in a while.

Convenience / user-friendliness: It’s a Plug-n-play cleaner as it has an easy to clean cartridge filter, does not need connections to the pool system and no installation is needed to get started. Cleaning the nautilus is simpler then a bag version, just remove, clean and install the screen. The nautilus Plus has a top-Filter access which makes cleaning the filter easier then the standard nautilus which has a bottom-filter access. It has an auto lock off after about 3 hours when it has vacuumed the pool bottom, walls and cove but leaving it in the pool is not recommended which is quite inconvenient.

Price: Depends on the model number but at least $600 and up for the 99996323 and for the nautilus Plus $ 690 and up.

Pros of the Dolphin Nautilus: The nautilus cleans thoroughly, often better then a lot of other pool cleaners. It is a silent cleaner. The fine filters picks up sand, algae and small dirt perfectly.

Cons of the Dolphin Nautilus: Though it cleans good it is not a very fast pool cleaner and it is not recommended to leave the cleaner in the pool when it is not cleaning. This means you have to pick it out of the pool. The weight of the cleaner is 17 lbs. Large leaves tent to get stuck in the input slots.

Summary: This cleaner has a good quality versus price and is a relatively cheap for a robotic pool cleaner. No need to clog your filter and backwash.

2) Hayward TigerShark QC Review

Cleaning Power and Performance: The Hayward TigerShark QC RC9990GR is a robotic pool cleaner. It is a smart cleaner as it calculates the size of the pool and then programs itself into the most time and energy-efficient cleaning route. Cleans the pool of most small and large leaves, grass and dust. If you have a lot of leaves in your pool you will need to empty and clean it halfway it’s cycle.

Endurance / quality: Convenience / user-friendliness: As it is a robotic cleaner the set up is simple, no hose connection required. Cleaning the cartridge is fast with the garden hose or just let the filter dry and tap the dirt of with your hand. It is much easier then the old bag style pool cleaners. This model comes without the remote control but it does work fine that way. The remote control version is $200 extra.

Price: As it costs of more then $800 it is in the more upper range of the inground pool cleaners but around average for a robotic pool cleaner.

Pros of the Hayward TigerShark: Dirt capacity is big enough for week to week cleaning. Cleaning is fine and it doesn’t get stuck often on drains, steps, etc. It is easy to take the filter out of the machine and to insert it back into it. It cleans quickly. When the filter is full, the debris doesn’t drop back into the pool when you take the cleaner out of it. Just lift the cleaner out of the pool.

Cons of the Hayward TigerShark: The cord is not on a swivel so it could tangle. It doesn’t happen often though and the tigershark seems to automatically shut itself off. If you have a lot of dirt (for example at the beginning of the season) you ‘ll need to empty the dirt compartment halfway the cleaning cycle. The cleaner needs to be submerged to clean so that means it will only clean the bottom steps of your pool.

Summary: As it has a quite good average rating by a lot of customer reviews it is one of the better cleaners on the market today. It is not the cheapest but if you have the extra money to spend on a pool cleaner, this one is one of the best.

3) Dolphin Premier Review

Cleaning Power and Performance: The Dolphin Premier is a strong pool vacuum robot cleaner for pools up to 50 feet. This Robot vacuum cleans the pool floor, the walls and the pool waterline. It has a Cleverclean/ smart nav system to give a complete pool coverage. Next to this and swivel to prevent tangling of the cable. Its two brushes help with loosen up dirt. The cleaner is good for Gunite, Plaster, Vinyl and Fiberglass surfaces.

Endurance / quality: As it has a 3 year warranty it at least is built with quality in mind. Takes about 3 hours to clean an average pool. There are three filter options to choose from, depending on the kind of debris you often have in your pool, fine, ultra-fine and an oversized leaf bag.

Convenience / user-friendliness of the dolphin premier: It is a drop and go cleaner so it is very simple to operate. This cleaner uses less energy then the old fashioned vacuum / pressure cleaners. No need to manually start the cleaner each day, just program the way you want it to clean.

Price: Definitely in the upper range of the best robotic pool cleaner group. Expect to pay at least more then $1100 even if you search for bargains.

Pros of the Dolphin Premier: It cleans very meticulously compared to the other cleaners users had before buying this one. Very good at cleaning the waterline and walls, which is handy as most of the algae is there and not on the bottom.

Cons of the Dolphin Premier: The instruction manual is pretty unclear. When you unplug the cleaner to wash it the program resets. Pools with hopper designs can give temporary hang ups.

Summary: All in all a good cleaner for most pools. If you have a pool in a very dirty area prepare to do a lot of picking it out and wash it to let it continue.

4) Polaris F9450 Sport Review – F9350, F9450, F9550

Cleaning Power and Performance: These Polaris sport robotic pool cleaner types have a rear water propulsion system which makes better at reaching hard to reach places, like corners etc. It cleans the floor, the wall and the waterline.

Endurance / quality: Most users are happy with the cleaner, it often seems to last 5 + years.

Convenience / user-friendliness: It comes with a few handy methods to help pool owners: All sport types have 4 wheel drive, except the F9350, which gives them extra power to clean the walls and waterline. The control panel is on the caddy screen but the F9550 has an extra remote control. It is not needed. The F9550 has a dirty canister indicator, the others you will have to check every now and then. The upper models have a programmable timer.

Price: The cheapest of the 3 Polaris sports models (the F9450 and the F9550) and about average for a pool vacuum robot with at least 850.

Pros of the Polaris F9350 Sport: Good cleaner which takes the manual chores away. Caddy is included. Comes with an easy -empty filter. The filters are placed handy so cleaning them is easy. The debris intake is large so it takes large debris.

Cons of the Polaris F9350 Sport: If it doesn’t work out of the box it takes “work” to make it work… With its 21 pounds it is on the heavy side of the robotic pool cleaner reviewed. Some users report it gets stuck in its own power cord, though it has a swivel.

Summary: All in all an easy to maintain cleaner.

5) Aquabot pool Rover Hybrid – Review

Cleaning Power and Performance: according to Aquabot this pool is officially only used for above ground swimming pools. Unofficial a lot of customers report to use it in smaller inground pools. It seems to work as well there too (and why shouldn’t it). Works well on all surfaces of vinyl, gunite/concrete, fiberglass and tile. It has a simple guidance system and wide non marring wheels which roll easily over ripples in pool bottoms. The wheels are very good for pools which are not totally flat.

Convenience / user-friendliness: The maximum pool length is 40 feet with an average cleaning time of one hour. The cleaner is relatively lightweight with its 10.6 pounds. Its debris filter is bigger then the pool rover junior, the smaller brother.

Price: Way much cheaper then the normal Robotic pool cleaners. A real starters cleaner but with a bite to it! The price difference is due to the difference in wall climbing ability. Your pool needs to have a curved wall to floor transition, the pool cove. And then it does not go up to the waterline. So you will need to scrub the walls once every week yourself.

Pros of the Aquabot pool Rover Hybrid: Cheap! about half the price of the other models.

Cons of the Aquabot pool Rover Hybrid: This cleaner does not come with a swivel to prevent cable tangling. Instead it uses wheel pins which you can rotate after a cycle. Which is totally not hands off.

Summary: Great small robot for those with small pools.

Choosing the Best Robotic Pool Cleaner – Our buying guide

Cleaning Power and Performance: A pool cleaner is only handy when it takes over your work and makes a good job of cleaning the pool. This depends on the power of the motor, how often it gets stuck and what it filters out of the water, twigs acorns, leaves, algae etc… Before buying a pool cleaner you should consider what your pool needs and choose the right cleaner for the pool.

Endurance / quality: A good cleaner should be expected to work for at least for a few years without much maintenance costs.

Convenience / user-friendliness: Some models have extra features which make a great improvement for the users. For example like easy ways to empty the dirt bag, cleaning the cleaner, easy installation when the season begins, led lights under the water. These extra features can make a great difference between an alright cleaner and a good cleaner.

Price: Robotic inground pool cleaners range from around $400 up to $1500. In addition to that price comes the recurring costs of some parts which need to be replaced every season. Which robotics are worth the extra money and which are a waste of that extra money?

Section on Best way to use robotic pool cleaners

When is a robotic pool cleaner better then a vacuum pool cleaner or a pressure pool cleaner?

Geographical influences for a robotic pool cleaner/ Or: what kind of dirt does your pool cleaner need to remove?

Algae sand Small leaves Large Leaves:

The Best Pool Vacuum Robot FAQ:

5 common questions

Pinterest interesting: check list of simple pool maintenance etc…

Conclusion: Picking the “Best Robotic Pool Cleaner” – How to Make the Right Selection

I think you need to make a few decisions before you can even search what kind of pool robot you want.

What’s your take on the best Robotic pool cleaner? Do not hesitate to share your opinion in the comments below!

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