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Best Cookie Press – Top 5 list with Reviews for 2019

best cookie pressThe Best Cookie Press…!

For the best cookie press there are a few things you want to look for. It does not need to be an industrial cookie press, but you do want a good quality heavy duty cookie press or a commercial cookie press.

Oh and by the way it is the same as a cookie press gun or a cookie shooter for the not native speakers under us.

Best Cookie Press Comparison Table with Ratings

 ImageCookie PressFeaturesRatingPrice
1Marcato Atlas Deluxe Biscuit Maker Press, Made in Italy, Includes 20 Cookie Disc Shapes, BlueMarcato 8307 Deluxe
biscuit maker

pure aluminum made
hand wash
cleans up easily

2Kuhn Rikon Clear Cookie Press with Decorating Tips and Storage BoxKuhn Rikon Clear
cookie press
User friendly
One click = one cookie
- small -> hard to clean and small cookies

3Wilton Preferred Press Cookie Press, 13-PieceWilton Preferred
cookie press
A few bucks cheaper online
Breaks really easy

4OXO Good Grips 14-Piece Cookie Press SetOXO Good Grips
cookie press
Works good with a few tips to keep in mind.

5Cookie Stamp Moon Cake Mold Stamps, Cookie Press Mid Autumn Festival DIY Decoration Press Cake Cutter Mold (50g...Moon Cake
Mold Stamps
Works as designed
Worth for it's price
Hard to change plates


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Best cookie press reviews:

Some brands have already proven them selves, like the Marcato cookie press and the Oxo cookie press, the Cuisinart cookie press and the Kuhn Rikon cookie press. And there is one no name brand which is getting great reviews. Those 5 will be compared below.

Marcato cookie press review

Marcato cookie press – #ad

1) Marcato cookie press review

The Marcato 8307 Deluxe biscuit maker is clearly the king under the best cookie presses! Lots of great user ratings makes it an almost five star product. Unfortunately the price is also the king under the cookie press makers.

Pros of the Marcato cookie press:
– it is an easy to clean press, just clean it by hand wash
– Solidly made of aluminum.

Cons of the Marcato cookie press:
–  clearly the price! you can buy 3 others for this one cookie press…

Kuhn Rikon cookie press review

Kuhn Rikon cookie press review – #ad

2) Kuhn Rikon cookie press review

Pros of the Kuhn Rikon:
–  It is a very user friendly cookie press to use. Just simply one click is one cookie.

Cons of the Kuhn Rikon:
– This cookie press makes small cookies compared to others.
– Next to that the smaller items are hard to clean.

Wilton Preferred cookie press review

Wilton Preferred cookie press – #ad

3) Wilton Preferred cookie press review

Pros of the Wilton Preferred cookie press:
– Nice cheap model

Cons of the Wilton Preferred cookie press:
– According to users it breaks easily so don’t expect this press to stay with you the rest of your life.



Oxo good grips review

Oxo good grips – #ad

4) Oxo good grips cookie press review

The top model of the Oxo cookie press is their Oxo good grips cookie press.

The main pros of the Oxo good grips cookie press according to their reviews are: the oxo good grip works good but you need to keep a few tips in mind.  Next to that there are a lot of different disks available to spice up your cookie making.

And the main cons of the Oxo good grips are: the price is kept low by only giving you the press and not the disks which you need to make cookies.

Oxo good grip conclusion: it is a good press but not so cheap as it seems as you still have to buy the discs separately.

Oxo cookie press discs: This cookie shooter has 3 type of discs sets, the springtime disk set, the autumn disk set and the Christmas disk set, so that sounds like nice Xmas gifts. Here are a few examples of the cookies made by them.

Moon cake mold stamps reviews

Moon cake mold stamps – #ad

5) Moon Cake Mold Stamps review

The Moon cake mold stamps are really quite lovely! I kind of adore them.

Pros of the Moon cake mold stamps:
– Lovely basic way to make cookies
– Lovely cookies as a result
– It is cheap so even if it won’t last that long it is not a real disaster.

Cons of the Moon cake mold stamps:
–  The quality is less then the other models named here. I prefer quality products over throw away items myself. I just think it is better for our environment if we use things longer instead of throw away stuff easily.

Next up for reviews are:

Cuisinart cookie press reviews

There are 2 Cuisinart cookie presses, the normal (B007MPJBM4) and the Cuisinart electric cookie press.

Mirro cookie press review

Mirror cookie press and the Mirro spritz cookie press:

Nostalgia cookie press

Nostalgia electric cookie press

Different type of presses for different cookies!!

Of course there are different type of cookie presses for different cookies, how else would they look different. Here are a few of the main types of them.

biscuit press
spritz cookie press
butter cookies cookie press

vintage cookie press

electric cookie press
electric spritz cookie press

Accessories – cookie press discs

metal cookie press
cookie press gun
metal cookie press gun

Cookie gun Brands:

Kitchenaid cookie press
Super shooter cookie press
Toastmaster cookie press
Deni cookie press
Sveico cookie press
Salton cookie press
Savannah cookie press
Sunbeam cookie press
Villaware cookie press
Ernesto biscuit press

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