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Baracuda G3 – review

The Baracuda G3 is one of the most used vacuum pool cleaners (suction side pool cleaner) for inground pools. It works particularly well with low speed pumps. It cleans the floor, the wall and the steps of a pool. Usable on all pool surfaces.

Baracuda G3 Deals

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Baracuda G3 Reviews – Pros & Cons

One of the classic suction side pool cleaners, and not without reason. It is good for the bottom and the walls of your pool. let’s start with the pros and cons list so you get an idea if this little buddy will help you out.


  • Stable machine
  • good quality
  • Average price
  • Does not need a very strong pump


  • Not good at large debris

Pros of the Baracuda G3:

Great pool cleaner for those of us with weaker pool pumps. Next to that the installation is simple enough.

Cons of the Baracuda G3:

Depending on your region and the direct neighborhood there can be large debris in your pool like large leaves or acorns. This cleaner is not suitable for you then. If the main part of your debris is small, sand like /algae, or average sized this is a good one to go.


The Baracuda G3 is one of the dinosaurs by zodiac pool cleaners and not without reason. The G3 works with low speed pumps and is optimized for small to medium debris. It cleans the pool walls, the floor and the pool steps. It is an easy to install pool cleaner: Just attach hose, wheel deflector and disk to the skimmer without special tools and it is ready to go.


Long-Life Diaphragm – As there is only one moving part this cleaner is often superior to others as it is more reliable. There just are no gears, wheels or flappers to break maintained so its maintenance is low-cost and it makes for a silent operation.

36-Fin Disc – Lots of fingered fins give a good adhesion on most to all pool surfaces, and it prevents hang-ups on pool items like the lights, the drain covers or fittings and the like.

Wheel Deflector – Makes the cleaner move easily trough tight corners and pass steps easily.

Patented Quick-Release Cassette – Makes access to the one part that does need maintenance, the diaphragm, simple.


Vacuum pool cleaner for all inground pools. It connects to a skimmer or a special 1.5 inch vacuum line. It is good for most type of pool surfaces, namely: Tile, Vinyl, Gunite, and Fiberglass


Only one: the W03000 Zodiac G3


Return Line Div
hose deflector
Baracuda leaf catcher
seal leaf eater
top leaf eater
basket leaf eater
leaf eater handle
wheel deflector
wheel adapter ranger
eyeball diverter


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User-friendliness of the Baracuda G3

Simply to install. Sound?
A great tip from one of the user is to buy HoseHanger Pro. This prevents the hose from bending / coiling and will make the cleaner work much better.


The warranty by zodiac is one year, which is normal for pool cleaners but still short IMHO. But overall there are a lot of happy customers which say it lasts a long time, mainly through the only one moving part method.


Zodiac G3 doesn’t move
Zodiac G3 flips over
Zodiac G3 is patterning
Zodiac G3 isn’t covering the opposite end of the pool
Zodiac G3 stops and starts
Zodiac G3 stuck at steps
Zodiac G3 stuck under ladder
Zodiac G3 won’t climb walls
Zodiac G3 won’t leave edge or rim of pool

Official manual: Here.

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