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Aquabot Pool Rover hybrid

Description of the Aquabot Pool Rover hybrid

The Aquabot Pool Rover Hybrid automatic pool cleaning robot is Robotic pool vacuum which has a jet propelled system for above ground or inground pools (hybrid).

It has a reusable filter bag that is easy to clean. It is suitable for large debris like leaves but also for very small particles as algae. To prevent getting stuck on or ripping of the vinyl pool floor it has extra wide wheels.

Aquabot Pool Rover Hybrid Deals

Aquabot Pool Rover Hybrid

Aquabot Pool Rover Hybrid Review – Pros & Cons

Summarized, if you have the right pool for this cleaner it is a good buy. It workssimply and fast and is cheap to buy.


  • Cleans the floor and the walls
  • Fast pool robot
  • Simple pool robot
  • Doesn’t get stuck in corners


  • Bottom – wall transition of your pool needs to be curved, else it will not scrub the walls
  • Cable tangles easily. Solved by buying an extra swivel.

Pros of the Aquabot Pool Rover hybrid:

This is the low budget pool robot which helps out a lot of pool owners. It offers good value for your money. As it is relatively simple there are not much parts to break compared to the more up scale pool robots. It works fast, cleaning the floor and the walls of your pool.

Cons of the Aquabot Pool Rover:

The transition between bottom and pool needs to be curved. Nowadays more and more pools tend to have that kind of transition though as the robot cleaners are getting more popular. Some owners have problems with cable tangling. This is solved easily by inserting a swivel but you need to buy it separately.

Features of the Aquabot Pool Rover hybrid

Extra wide wheels
It is suitable for the surfaces: Vinyl, Gunite/Concrete, Fiberglass, Tile.
If your pool has a curved pool to wall transition the hybrid will clean a part of the wall.


The size is 18.2 x 18.9 x 21.2 inches and the weight is 10.6 pounds.

Pool Rover Models

Pool Rover Sport
Pool Rover Hybrid
Pool Rover Junior
Pool Rover S2-50
Pool Rover S2-40i


Floating cable,
Power supply,
Operator manual,
Additional flotation.


For a robot pool cleaner the Hybrid Aquabot Pool Rover is on the low budget side of the pool robots. Normally the price of robots are more in the $750 and up range. See the deals above for the latest prices.


It is a set and go system, so you pit in your pool and push the button. As the cleaner is relatively light compared to others it is no problem to lift it out of the pool and cleaning out the filter bag is easy.


It has a one year warranty, so that is normal in the pool vac world.

FAQ Aquabot Pool Rover

How long is the cord? My pool is 20 by 40 in an L shape so I’m wondering if it will fit?
Answer; The cord length of this cleaner is 41′. Take care that your power supply is in a dry area at least 12 feet away from your pool. Perhaps you are better of with a cleaner with more cord.

Is the warranty 2 years or one year?
Answer: The manufacturer says 1 year bumper to bumper warranty.

How is the pool robot pulled from the bottom of the pool? Do you have to pull it out by the power cord of fish it out with a net or what?
Answer: To remove the unit from the water, gently pull the unit from the cable to the pool surface and then grab the unit by the handle – let drain and then pull from the water.

Does the hybrid pool rover have a mechanism to prevent the cord from twisting and eventually limiting the functionality? The Jr I had didn’t.
Answer: This unit does not have a swivel mechanism. It uses a wheel pins that when rotated after each cycle it allows the cleaner to travel in the opposite direction which helps alleviate cable tangling.
Note: It is also wise to only place enough cable in the pool to reach the opposite side of the pool.

Can I use this with an above ground pool?
Answer: Yes, you can. It is suitable for both type of pools.

Does it work with 220 v?
Answer: No, it does not.

Can I use this machine with my salt water system or will the machine rust?
Answer: Yes, that is possible. Don’t forget to rinse the cleaner with fresh water after usage though.

Is The hybrid better than the Aquabot pool rover Junior?
Answer: They are almost the same. The difference is the filter debris holding capacity, which is 23 quarts versus 34 quarts, and the hybrid is also suitable for inground pools.

Does this machine clean the green and brown algae that settles at the bottom of the pool?
Answer: That depends on how stuck the debris is to the pool bottom. If it is loosely attached it is no problem, the jets are strong enough, if it is strongly attached you’d better look for a cleaner with brushes.

Does the Aquabot Pool Rover Hybrid vacuum pool floors AND walls or does it just vacuum the pool floor like the Aquabot Pool Rover Jr? Answer: This unit is designed to clean pool floors, especially those with sloops. In some pools with at least a 6″ pool floor to wall radius it will climb and clean a partial wall.

If I use the inlet port extensions included will they apply to much suction to the vinyl liner?
Answer: Other users say: no it won’t, it actually cleans better.

Is is compatible with Intex pools?
Answer: Yes, you don’t need to connect it to anything of the Intex pump. It only uses a power cord.

Does the robot circle the whole pool/cove?
Answer: It cleans the whole by going back and forth. Not by circling though.

Where can I find the instruction manual for the above ground pool rover?
Answer: At the site of

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