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Aquabot APRVJR Pool Rover Junior

The Aquabot pool rover junior is one of the budget pool robots mostly used for above ground pools. This buddy actually clears you up from work to maintain your pool. As above ground pools become bigger, cleaning takes more time and a pool robot makes sense.

Aquabot Pool Rover Junior Deals

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Aquabot Pool Rover Junior Review + Pros & Cons


  • Lightweight
  • Big, wide wheels for uneven grounds
  • Affordable pool robot


  • Bottom cleaner only
  • Feels flimsy
  • Cord tangling
  • Cleaning the dirt bag is time consuming

Pros of the Aquabot Pool Rover Junior:

Nice low budget pool robot. It works reasonable hands off. because of its weight it is easy to pick up out of your pool. No caddy needed. What also makes it hands off is the auto shut off so you don’t need to remember to stop it cleaning your pool after it is ready.

Cons of the Aquabot Pool Rover Junior:

This pool cleaner only cleans the floor of your pool so not the waterline and the walls. It has a bit a flimsy feel over it if you compare it to some other pool robots. But on the other hand this comparison is not to fair as those cleaners are often 5 times its price.


An above ground pool cleaner, which is made for pools up to 27 feet in diameter. Good alternatives are: the Pool Rover S2-40i and the Aquabot Breeze XLS, both from Aquabot are also suitable for above ground pools.






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Will this cleaner get stuck on ripples of the liner of an above ground pool?
Answer: No, it will not get stuck on it. Its wheels are extra large to prevent this from happening.

Does it support 220v?
Answer; no at the moment only 110V.
We have a 30′ round above ground pool with “wedding cake” pool steps. Will the cleaner move around them without getting stuck?
I do not get a lot of “large” debris in my pool. An occasional few leaves. My issue is silt / dirt that settles to the bottom. Will it get that?
answer: the unit is designed to suck up leaves and debris, but if your debris is stuck to the floor you could profit more from a cleaner with brushes or power jets.

Is this OK to use in salt water pools?
Answer: Yes! after use pull it out the pool and rinse it with fresh water to prolong its life.

Does anyone know how this is different from the S20-40 Aquabot and which one is the better option?
Answer; The most important difference between these 2 is that the S20-40 can be used in an inground pool too. The pump is horizontal on the s20-40 (the newer model). The filter bag is on the top which makes cleaning simpler. Performance is about the same.

Do we charge it or use wire the whole time we use it?
Answer; The unit remains plugged while used.

Why is it for above ground pools? Will it work in-ground pools?
Answer: it has no scrubs, just a vacuum, which is common for above ground pool cleaners, inground cleaners often have scrubs. But if your inground pool has an flat bottom it will probably work well. For pools with a decline the pump needs to be stronger to let the vac climb back up again.

Will it pick up leaves?
Answer; Yes it does.

Will this work on Intex 16′ easy set pool? The kind with the blow up ring on top?
Answer: Yes it will.

We have had ours for 2 years. While it does a good job cleaning the pool, we have a hugh problem with the electric cord. It constantly tangles itself.
Answer: After each cleaning cycle you should untangle the cord, never store it tangled up.

Will it incline from 5ft to 4ft.?
Answer: that will depend on the strength of your pool pump. It is designed for flat bottom pools. The pool Rover Hybrid may be a better choice for some inclines.

How do you pull it out of the pool?
Answer: Gently pull on the cable until you reach the cleaner itself.

Why does my pool rover only go in one direction
Answer: try to adjust it wheels.

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