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5 Best tabletop pinball machine reviews – Awesome nostalgic fun!

Introduction: The top 5 tabletop pinball machine s are listed first off and below them is a buying guide for portable pinball games.

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Tabletop pinball machine reviews:

For the next 5 pinball machines is a longer review.  Some are new, some are on sale on the second hand markets.

1) Spiderman pinball toy – The Best kids tabletop pinball machine and the best budget tabletop pinball machine

Spiderman tabletop pinball toy

Spiderman tabletop pinball toy – #ad

Does your son also love Spidey? This Spiderman tabletop pinball got it then! This mini pinball machine is a real challenge for those kids who love to become a pinball wizard. And how better then to practice with their hero with it. Also nice to show of the pinball game to their friends.

Pros of the Spider man tabletop pinball machine:
Nice for spider man fans, those kids who love everything related to Spider man. Especially good toy for very young kids. Nice to get your kids interested in  something else then digital gaming.

Cons of the Spiderman portable pinball game:
Not a lot of sounds or lights. To simple for a little older kids. (8 years up get bored real fast). Small size. The price seems to go up now and then.

Conclusion: Therefore around the $25 is indeed worth it but $40 dollars is IMHO to much for this toy pinball machine.

2) Star wars tabletop pinball machine – The Best for star war fans

The Star wars tabletop pinball machine come in 2 different versions. They actually differ a bit in their hardware, so not only in the background theme. As you can see on one version the led score board is on the upper part, in the other version it is totally down at the bottom.

Both are nice looking but not really special. If you prefer a collectable vintage Starwars tabletop pinball game you can have a look here at eBay.

3) Cardboard Pinbox 3000 – tabletop pinball diy kit

– #ad

This is a nice combination between a do it yourself tabletop pinball kit and a cardboard template. As the follow up of the Pinbox 2000 it has seen a huge improvement. It has 2 interchangeable designs for 2 unique playing experiences. Once assemble it measures 24” x 14” x 12″.

It is fun to build: Building is not hard, there even is a video so you can follow along. Great experience to do together with your kid. After you learn how to make the basic model to get the hang of it, the challenge is to make a special themed version by looking at some real pinball machines and let your imagination go wild.

And fun to play: The main con is the absence of a counter but on the other hand the kids don’t seem to mind and it is even good to practice calculating. You can even connect 2 of them together to play against each other.

Conclusion: The reviews I found seems to be from happy customers. You can check them out for yourselves here. All in all it is therefore a very durable game even though it is made of cardboard. Certainly worth its money if you love to diy!

4) Batman tabletop pinball machine – Best for a batman / comic collector

batman tabletop pinball machine

Batman tabletop pinball machine – #ad

The Batman tabletop pinball machine:
Now and then you can find a tabletop batman version. This one is on amazon, but sometimes I also see them on eBay here. Often they are in high demand as a result of that the price is a bit up even for a second hand version.  The size is approximately 9″x17″. It has sounds, lights and a counter. This a real collectors vintage item from around 1995.

Pros of the Batman tabletop pinball machine:
Seems much more solid then those toy tabletop pinball machines.

Cons of the batman tabletop pinball machine:
Somehow the sound is often broken so be sure to ask if it works before buying one.

5) Baseball Tabletop pinball game – Just a bit different pinball game

Baseball Tabletop pinball game

Baseball Tabletop pinball game – #ad

The dimensions of this Baseball Tabletop pinball game are about 14 x 12.6 inches.

Pros of the baseball tabletop pinball game: This is a game without batteries so blessedly silent! As this is a wooden machine you can fix it yourselves and it has a more solid feel to it then all that Chinese made plastic.

Cons of the baseball pinball game: It does break with intensive usage. While there are more baseball tabletop pinball games this one has the best review score. Most are even worse then this game. For that reason I picked this one though it seems like it has an average rating.

Conclusion: like one of the reviewers said; it is a fun game, easy to learn but hard to master. Great for baseball obsessed kids and adults alike.

5) Ac / Dc tabletop pinball machine – For all fans out there!

ac / dc tabletop pinball machine

ac / dc tabletop pinball machine – #ad

Just for all the fans out there: The Ac / Dc tabletop pinball machine! Though I love the looks and it seems more solid then a few of the other tabletop toys it is a really hard one to find. Your best changes are on:


Perhaps some other places but here is where I see them now and then.


6) Basketball pinball game

Not widely available at the moment. When I find it I will update this post.

Choosing the Best tabletop pinball machine – our buying guide

I used to love pinball and as my grandparents had one I changed into a pinball wizard when I was there. I hoped to gove my sons the same fun with a pinball game for home usage but that turned out to be not so simple. Tabletop pinball games are hard to find nowadays. So you can either use the simple and cheap pinball machines on amazon or use pinball video games (excellent Pinball FX and that kind)

Famous brands
Most tabletop pinball machines for sale on amazon are made by Moose Mountain or Jakks Pacific. So they have the same build with different background pics as theme. They are toy pinball machines and the game themes include spider man pinball toy, there are two different star wars tabletop pinball machines, Star Wars The Last Jedi Tabletop Pinball and The Force Awakens Tabletop Pinball Game, the avengers, the ninja tabletop pinball machine and the minions portable pinball game.

Pros of these tabletop pinball machines:
The background theme is simple but sufficient for a fun game. The sounds are real laser blaster sounds to make your game more exciting!
Game play: There are 5 bumpers in your play field which you use to score 10 points per hit, each has the same score. So the main point is to keep the ball from draining which according to reviewers is not that easy.
The flippers work great and it is a plus that the ball lever counts the amount of balls used.

Cons of these tabletop pinball machines:
For collectors the theme is right out boring. There are no theme elements for the way the balls role.
There is no music or voice used in the sounds, just sounds. No fun for the hard core pinball wizz.
Sometimes a ball brushes the bumper but it is not hard enough to score points – which is really irritating.

These basic tabletop pinball machines are just that: a basic pinball experience. Which is great for most of us. Good for a small competition game and nice to pull out, play a few games and store back again. Good value for its price. On the other hand if you are a die hard pinballer, these are not not you games!

Tabletop pinball machine Frequent asked questions

Where to buy these tabletop pinball machines for sale and find nice deals:

  • You can find cheap pinball machine on amazon for sale
  • pinball gumball machine Walmart
  • tabletop pinball machines eBay

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