Review Team: Our Family of 4

Team member Rij



Someone has to lead this small site and I'm the most suitable to do so. Next to this I love traveling, all watersports and DIY to create things so those parts are mine.

Team member Linda



As a young family we constantly need new stuff changing with the age of our kids. Next to that I love gadgets & motorcycling. So that is my part of the reviews and personal experiences.

Team member Coon


Test Team Member

Our oldest son of 5. He is a curious tester who likes to try almost everything. (without limitation, as long as he can break it / open it / ... etc..)

Team member Rhyse


Test Team Member

This is our youngest testing team member. He is now three years old and is not easy to satisfy. He doesn't like change and he often has a hard opinion on new things.


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