Top 3 Hello Kitty Waffle Makers

Hello Kitty Waffle Maker

Is your girl a “Hello Kitty” and “everything pink” fan?

If so, try this for a birthday gift. She will love it. And love you for it too, probably.

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I hope it will be a winner in your kitchen too! I know the daughter of my best friend loves it. (she is an “everything needs to be pink fan”) And maybe it even speeds up her breakfast time, so it will have some benefits for you to. Go make that waffles, mommy!!

1) The Bestselling “Hello Kitty Waffle Maker”

Hello Kitty waffle / Pancake Maker

This is a cute Hello Kitty Waffle Maker and as you see by it’s many reviews there are a lot of little girls getting this as a birthday present. According to the reviews, the two main points I could find are:

The Pro: The waffle maker is very fast and easy to use.

The Cons: It only makes 3 waffles at once, so if you are for instance baking waffles for a birthday party, it will take you a bit of time!

2) Classic “Hello Kitty” Waffle Maker

 Classic Hello Kitty Waffle Maker

As this one involves more work to make a waffle it is not the bestseller but it is really nostalgic! It is a Classic Waffle Maker! My kids think this is way more fun than an electrical! And I secretly agree. Sometimes doing things the old way without electricity is fun. (or in my humble opinion it often is)

3) Hello Kitty Waffle Maker

Wow, I couldn’t even find 3 hello kitty waffle makers which didn’t have really bad reviews! This electrical one and the classic one were the only 2 worth mentioning. Sorry! There are a lot of other funny waffle makers though. The princess or a Minnie mouse waffle maker for example. If you want you can check them out below. 

Other Kids cartoon Waffle Makers:

Disney / Pink Princess / Circus Waffle Makers

As there where not a lot of hello kitty waffle makers here are a few other cartoon waffle makers. Perhaps one of these will also be loved by your kids.

Disney Mickey Waffle Maker: I can’t judge the tasty part from over here, but mickey mouse club house is a favorite TV program in this house.

Disney Princess Waffle Maker: a Pink Girly waffel maker, perhaps a good alternative for the hello kitty version?

Disney 5 in 1 Tasty Baker Waffle Maker: Disney’s mickey mouse and the gang, but then smaller

Circus Waffle Shape Maker: Great for boys too, though my two boys would love the Disney one more.

Quick and Easy Waffle Recipe

Nice movie, just to get the hang of the art of “Waffle making”. Same concept applies to making waffles with the Hello Kitty Waffle Maker.

Other Hello Kitty “food” Makers

Though I could not find a lot of Hello Kitty Waffle makers, there are a lot of Hello Kitty Kitchen Items. Here I show you some of the food makers I like but if you click on one of the pics there will be much more Hello Kitty items. Have fun surfing.

Hello Kitty Cake Pan: Great for a Birthday party, I have the cars variant, as I have two boys, and they love it. I let them decorate the cake after the baking so they are busy and I have time to make the last preparations for a party.

Hello Kitty toaster with cool Touch Exterior: Lots of girls seem to like this toaster. Perhaps it will make breakfast a bit faster too? and a lot more fun without being unhealthy.

Hello Kitty Microwave: Just brilliant! Make your own popcorn in it. Something different then my old dowdy but very reliable microwave.

I love most funny waffle makers as those make my boys to seem happy in the morning. And I can tell you the youngest needs a smile boost early on. He is really not a morning person but just loves everything related to food. He loves cooking and baking but it need to be on a toddler level. That is why I started to make it more fun with those waffle makers.