Top 10 Best Portable Waste Tanks for RV’s

top 10 best portable waste tank for rv
Here is a list of the top 10 best Portable waste Tanks for RV’s according to sellers by a huge online seller. Below this list are some tips for choosing the waste tank you need.

Best Portable Waste Tanks  for RV’s Comparison Table

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A few criteria are important when selecting the best portable waste tank for your RV:
1) The waste tank should be durable
2) Easy to maneuver
3) Features to improve handling them, like:

  • Cradle pivots
  • Self-storing sewer hose
  • Auto-stop system
  • Tow handles extension

Special Features Overview:

 ProductCapacitySpecial Feature
1Tote-N-Stor 2560932 GallonStorage compartment for Accessories
2 Wheels - rubber
2Barker 3084442 GallonFloat indicator
Rubber wheels
3Tote-N-Store 2012325 GallonPull down release pipe
4Barker 27844 32 GallonPneumatic tires
5SmartTote 2 - 40517Depends on typeLot of bad reviews
6Barker 3134230 GallonOriginal 2 wheels Barker.
Plastic wheels which you can replace.
7Barker 2850815 GallonLow profile
8Tote-N-Store 2012938 Gallon38 Gallon version of the Tote-N-Store 20123 (see above)
9Thetford 4051118 GallonEmpty the tank completely is hard
Older model

The Best Portable waste Tank for a RV

according to most people is the:

1) Tote-N-Stor 25609 , 32 Gallon capacity

Pros of the Tote-N-Stor portable waste transporters: The Tote-N-Stor 25609 is the biggest and also the most sold in the Tote-N-Stor portable waste transporters range of 15 Gallons, 25 Gallons and 32 Gallons. It has an extra storage compartment for the accessories and quiet rubber wheels. It is a bit the cheaper version of the Barker below.

Cons of the Tote-N-Stor portable waste transporters: According to a lot of user reviews it seems to lack one of the necessary attachments to dump the waste. There is also a lot of talk about the weight. It seems to be hard to empty the tank as it gets to heavy.

Top 10 Waste Tanks for RV’s reviews

2) Barker 30844 , 4-Wheeler Tote Tank – 42 Gallon capacity

Pros of the Barker 4 wheel series: The Barker (30844) waste tank is on the market since 2007 and has been updated on a few points. The main one is a change of the tires. Those used to be plastic and broke of fairly quick (like within a year or so) so a lot of the bad reviews are about this point. Now the wheels are made of rubber which is a great improvement. It tows better by hand or vehicle, makes less noise and it is longer lasting.

Cons of the Barker 4 wheel series: If you would like this one take a care that you buy an up-to-date version. It has a  float indicator but it doesn’t have an auto-stop fill shutoff like some other tanks do, like for example some Thetford tanks.

3) Tote-N-Store 20123 Portable Waste Tank – 25 Gallon capacity

The Tote-N-Store 20123 has a good average user score but it has only been reviewed 20 times yet at this time, so perhaps it is not to accurate. Nonetheless it seems promising. It has 4 wheels and the tow bracket is included. It is for back and gray water. For it’s price it seems a good choice.

Pros of the Tote-N-Store 20123: It is well made with sturdy wheels and reviewers say it works as advertised. It is easy to pull behind a truck or pull it by hand on a road, you don’t need to lift a full tank to empty it with the pull down release pipe.

Cons of the Tote-N-Store 20123: According to the reviews it seems to be bigger then most people anticipate. Many people replace the hoses as they have a cheap feel.

4) Barker 27844 , 4-Wheeler Tote Tank – 32 Gallon Capacity

The Pros of the Barker (27844) 4-Wheeler Tote Tank is that it is a well built tote tank and not made out of cheap material. The pro of the barker versus the Thetford is the bayonet valve which controls the release. It has pneumatic tires (air up) which makes it easy to maneuver by hand.

The cons of the barker 27844:  the most read complaints are about the weight as it is a bit heavy (37 pounds empty). But on the other hand it is quite a big tank so you don’t need to head to the dump station that often. There are also complaints about the sewer hose that comes with it. (It has a cheap feel over it like with a lot of other waste tank brands)

5) SmartTote 2 – Smart Portable Waste tanks

Then a few of SmartTote 2’s waste tanks follow on this best sellers list. Why this type is even on the best sellers list beats me. I see a lot of bad user reviews floating on the web so take care before buying one of these. One model numbers seem to be better then some of others according to the reviews. Overall the SmartTote 2 has relatively low ratings, but per model there are not so much reviews yet. Available model numbers: SmartTote 2 40501, SmartTote 2 40518, SmartTote 2 40503, SmartTote 2 40519, SmartTote 2 40502 and the SmartTote 2 40517. This last one seems to have good reviews though.

6) Barker 31342 Tote Tank – 30 Gallon (Original Tote-Alongs)

As the Barker 31342 still belongs to their original version the main difference is 2 wheels instead of 4 wheels. It still gets bought often too.

Cons of the Barker 31342: Most people prefer pneumatic tired wheels, which this tote tank does not have. You can replace them with separately bought wheels or just look at the 4 wheel Barkers. The supplied sewer hose is made cheaply.

7) Barker 28508, 15 Gallon capacity

The Barker 28508 is made especially for those RV’s which are low to the ground. They fit easily under RVs with minimal ground clearance and even under tent campers. It is a good tote tank to consider if you need a low profile.

Pros of the Barker 28508: It is low profile which makes it suitable for low RV’s! Installation is plug and go.

Cons of the Barker 28508: The tow handle is short.

8) Tote-N-Store 20129, 38 Gallon capacity

The Tote-N-Store 20129 is the 38 Gallon version of the 25 Gallon Tote-N-Store 20123 (see review above). It is 54.5 x 27.7 x 15.4 inches.
The  Tote-N-Store 20122 with 18 Gallon is their small brother version.

9) Thetford 40511 SmartTote Tank, 2 Wheel, 18 Gallon capacity

This Thetford 40511 SmartTote Tank used to be the bestseller before Barker optimized their 4 wheeled tote tank. So that means around 2014, which shockingly is almost ancient on the online world. The average cost is $155. There are a lot of users who prefer 4 wheels though.

Cons of the Thetford 40511: The tank does not empty completely. The plastic leg which supports one end of the tank is to fragile so it breaks easily under the weight of a full tank.  This version doesn’t have a handle to lift it which makes

Tips for buying the best portable waste tank for your RV

An handy waste tank is a very important part of the fun in RV life. Not a lot of RV enthusiasts get to realize just how essential it is to have a great and reliable portable waste tank for RV especially since many of the free dump stations are beginning to close due to abuse from a few RV-ers. A good portable waste tank for a RV is important to have peace of mind when exploring the great outdoors.

Portable waste tanks can hold black water or gray water.

  • Gray water has no human wastes, just the water from kitchen and bathroom sinks. It adds up quite quickly so the gray water tank has to be emptied frequently. Gray water can be dumped in most soils without needing extra treatment.
  • Black water contains the human wastes that go down the toilet. Black water can only be disposed of in specific dump sites.

How to choose a portable waste tank for your RV:

So, what are the things to look for when buying a portable waste tank for RV? Here are a few tips:

1. Note the duration and distance of your trip.

How long you will be out and how far away you will be from dump sites will affect the capacity and other features to look for in waste tanks to purchase. Depending on the brand, there are usually models in 10, 12, 15, 16, 18, 27, 35, and 42-gallon capacity.

2. Remember that a waste tank has to be durable and easy to maneuver.

Waste tanks for RV’s will be heavy and full of waste so choose one that has a material that can last you for years. The number of wheels on a portable waste tank for RV can also be a big factor to look at if you will be on the road for a long time. Some models have two wheels while others have four. Some come with standard bayonets, sewer hose and others have valves so you do not need to lift to dump.

3. Consider the trailer that you have.

In some instances, low trailers may need a low clearance waste tank. You need a tank where the fluid level is lower then your RV’s tank.

4. Consider the other features you may fancy to fit your needs.

Different brand names and different models may have a slight variance in their product models. Here are a few examples of features you might find:

  • Cradle pivots
  • Self-storing sewer hose
  • Auto-stop system
  • Tow handles extension

Do your research well before purchasing. Aside from looking at the models and features online, you may want to visit RV forums or ask friends for recommendations, especially if it is your first time buying a portable waste tank. Their experiences with different products may be useful insights to consider. Take a look at the tank models in person. You may find all the information you think you need on the internet, but there is nothing like seeing the models first hand. If you have the time, visit a shop to hold and get a feel of the different products.

Reviews from other portable waste tanks:

Thetford (40515) Smart Portable Waste Tote Tank – 27 Gallon Capacity

The Thetford (40515) Smart Portable Waste Tote Tank has a capacity of 27 Gallon.

The pros are that it is easy to use and it has a great float indicator to warn when it’s getting full.
For the cons: It is difficult to empty the tank completely as the end is U shaped. And next to that some people seem to have a hard time riding it across gravel though others report the contrary…?

Thetford (40520) Smart Portable Waste Tote Tank with 4 Wheels – 35 Gallon Capacity

The Thetford (40520) Smart Portable Waste Tote Tank with 4 Wheels – 35 Gallon Capacity This is the big brother of the Thetford 40515 which used to be one of the best sold portable waste tank for RV’s in 2014. Whit it’s 35 gallon capacity it is one of the biggest on the market. As it is the same as the 27 gallon it has the same customer reviews, so for the pros and cons see above.

Barker (11104) Tote Tank – 22 Gallon Capacity

The Barker (11104) Tote Tank – 22 Gallon Capacity