The Top 10 Best Flip Phones for 2013

Here is a list of the Top 10 Best Flip Phones for 2013 according to a famous huge phone seller. I included short review summaries for those who are interested. Feel free to check out the features by clicking on them. 

1) Samsung Knack U310 Flip Phone

[asa sqcraft]B0069S8PB8[/asa]

As it is a flip phone it is small and easy to take with you but it has large enough keys to use it with large fingers. The font is large enough to read it without reading glasses. Easy in usage  flip it open = answering, close = hanging up. The sound can be turned up if you need it to be loud. When you charge the Samsung Knack U310 Flip Phone it will last for about a week.

So in total a great basic phone when you just need to call or receive calls.

2) LG Accolade VX-5600 VX5600

[asa sqcraft]B006QO8QUA[/asa]

The LG Accolade VX5600 flip cell phone is a basic and simple phone. The great pro is that is basically indestructible. This makes it a good phone for people who have no need for a smart phones, but prefer a phone which can handle a drop on the ground and other little accidents.

3) Samsung a157

[asa sqcraft]B007X6FFLS[/asa]

The Samsung a157 is a simple phone with a few handy things: When you push inadvertently on the web button it will show a warning message instead of just going there and charge you later. It has a simple volume control and the battery lasts long.

4) Samsung Haven U320

[asa sqcraft]B005JGSVCE[/asa]

Some of the Samsung Haven U320 handy features are a speakerphone, it is small in size and it is very user friendly, just hit the send button and it will contact verizon and you are programmed.

Like one of the reviewers said: Easy, easy, easy phone to use for a good price.

5) Nokia Mural 6750

[asa sqcraft]B0076ML4LY[/asa]

If you’re searching for a flip phone that is easy to use and durable this one is recommended! Big buttons and simple to use. Like the customers say “Just a phone that does what a phone is supposed to do – call and text”. But if you would want to, it does have a calender, a camera and a to do list. According to the reviews quite goof-proof. It gets a good, loud and clear reception. It has an ICE key for an emergency number. A con is the Bluetooth option.  It seems not to work correctly.

6) LG VX8300 Cell Phone

[asa sqcraft]B000G2TLIO[/asa]

This is a great phone, an actually useful camera and some cool media capabilities into one do-it-all flip phone. Really convenient, only one slim item to carry around.

Pros of the LG VX8300 flip phone: Voice clarity (both yours and the other persons) is superb. The camera is good enough and has flash. The music player sounds good and with an optional micro SD you can listen for hours.

Cons of the LG VX8300 flip phone: VCast music store is difficult and overpriced, dull selection of ringtones so Verizon hopes to squeeze extra charge out of that. Some external buttons are placed awkwardly which is not handy for people with large hands.

7) Samsung Gusto 2

[asa sqcraft]B007TMWVCM[/asa]

Great phone for elderly. It has no frills so no things which might be complicated. The display is bright so you can clearly see the clock or who is calling. And it even has an option to announce who is calling. The ringtone is loud enough to be clearly heard.

8) Samsung GT-C3520

[asa sqcraft]B00766BG6S[/asa]

If you just need something simple this is a good flip phone. It closes completely so that other things in your bag won’t scratch it. But…. Well you do need to like pink!!!

9) Nokia 6350

[asa sqcraft]B00710MZOQ[/asa]

It dials from any place including outside the USA.
It is an easy to use flip phone with understandable features.
It is my second one, first one could withstand 3 years of me “abusing it”

10) Samsung SA-S36001

[asa sqcraft]B00456TQFA[/asa]

This pretty  pink samsung flip phone has a good battery life. It has an easy menu and is usable in or outside the US. It has a good sound and is durable.  All in all the reviewers are very content with this flip phone.