Best Inground Pool Cleaners 2017

Best Inground Pool Cleaners

Comparison Table inground pool cleaners

updated April 2017

Here is the top 10 list  of best rated inground pool cleaners for 2017. If you compare these over the last years it is quite constant, just a bit shuffled. Below is a comparison table for the top 10 best inground pool cleaners.

PictureInground pool cleanerType
Baracuda G3Suction side Pool Cleaner
Vac sweep 280Pressure Side Pool Cleaner
Vac sweep 360Pressure Side Pool Cleaner
XtremepowerUS AutomaticSuction side Pool Cleaner
Dolphin NautilusRobotic Pool Cleaner
Pentair 360042 Kreepy Krauly®Suction side Pool Cleaner
Dolphin Nautilus PlusRobotic Pool Cleaner
Zodiac MX8 Suction side Pool Cleaner

Best Inground Pool Cleaners Reviews and Ratings

Which pool cleaner is the best inground pool cleaners for you? Or more specific for your pool and surroundings. Do you have a pepple tec pool, a large pool or a pool with all kind of nooks. And are there in your area a lot of acorn trees or perhaps a dessert wind blows lots of fine dust in your pool? Below is this kind of info summarized per inground pool cleaner.

First of all you need to choose between robotic vs pressure-side vs suction side inground pool cleaners.

Here are the best inground pool cleaners listed according to the 3 types.

Top 5 Robotic Inground Pool Cleaners

Robotic pool cleanerFeaturesCycle timePool surface
Dolphin Nautilus / Nautilus plusCleans floor, cove and walls, Grid filters are easy to clean, uses low energy3 hoursAll
Polaris 9550 Sport4-wheel drive Aqua-Trax tires robotic cleaner, 7-day programmable timer, oscillating brushes1-3 hoursAll
Aquabot AB ClassicCleans floor, cove, walls and waterline, active brush4-5 hoursAll
Dolphin Triton /
Triton plus
Cleans floor, cove and walls2.5 hours
1 hour
Hayward TigerSharkPool floor, walls, coves and waterline, easy to clean cartridge filter3 hours
Quick clean = 90 minute

1) Dolphin Nautilus

The Dolphin Nautilus is a robotic pool cleaner that cleans thoroughly, often better then a lot of other pool cleaners, but there are faster cleaners. It’s a Plug-n-play cleaner as it has an easy to clean cartridge filter, does not need connections to the pool system and no installation is needed to get started. Cleaning the nautilus is simpler then a bag version, just remove, clean and install the screen. It has an auto lock off after about 3 hours when it has vacuumed pool bottom, walls and cove but leaving it in the pool is not recommended.

Dolphin Nautilus Plus

The Dolphin nautilus plus is about $150 more  then the nautilus so what are the extras of this one? The extra advantages above the nautilus are:  The access to the cartridge is at the top instead of the bottom of the cleaner. It has a rapid water release, the capacity of the filter is larger. Cleaning coverage is regulated by the IntelliScan Technology. Turning Radius is a 3-point Turn instead of a soft turn. And last but not least the warranty is 2 years instead of one year. It does not scrub the waterline. If you are looking for that check out the Dolphin Triton. That one also comes with a caddy, which you have to order separately with this one.

2) Polaris 9550 Sport

This robotic pool cleaner includes 7-day programmable timer, a caddy and it has a remote control which is motion-sensing. It cleans the tiles up to the water line, does the stairs, and the seats in the corners. When it misses a step you can use the remote to clean it again.

3) Aquabot AB Classic

The aquabot AB is like it says a classic pool cleaner. It has a proven history for years. This cleaner works for pools up to 20′ x 40′ and has a cable of  51 feet.

4) Dolphin Triton

The Dolphin Triton. The main pro of this cleaner above the Dolphin nautilus and the dolphin nautilus plus is that it also cleans the waterline. If you don’t have it you need to clean the waterline with a brush before turning your pool cleaner on. And it comes with a caddy which you ‘ll have to buy separately with the nautilus cleaners. As these cleaners are heavy the caddy comes in handy.

Dolphin Triton Plus

The Triton Plus is a Robotic Pool Cleaner in the upper price range and the average customers feedback is good. Compared to the Triton it has top access to the cartridge for easy-cleaning, a 90˚ turning radius, IntelliScan Technology, Rapid Water Release, the remote control is included and it has a weekly timer.

5) Hayward TigerShark QC RC9990GR

The Hayward TigerShark QC RC9990GR is a robotic pool cleaner. The costs are in the more upper range for the inground pool cleaners. It is one of the better cleaners on the market today. It is a smart cleaner as it calculates the size of the pool and then programs itself into the most time and energy-efficient cleaning route.

Pros of the Hayward TigerShark: Dirt capacity is big enough for week to week cleaning.
Cleaning is fine and it doesn’t get stuck often on drains, steps, etc.
It is easy to take the filter out of the machine and to insert it back into it. It cleans quickly. When the filter is full, the debris doesn’t drop back into the pool when you take the cleaner out of it. I lift the cleaner out of the pool, the debris stays in the cleaner instead of dumping back into the pool when it is full.

Cons of the Hayward TigerShark: The cord is not on a swivel so it could tangle. It doesn’t happen often though and the tigershark seems to automatically shut itself off.
If you have a lot of dirt (for example at the beginning of the season) you ‘ll need to empty the dirt compartment halfway the cleaning cycle.
The cleaner needs to be submerged to clean so that means it will only clean the bottom steps of your pool.

Tip: if your Hayward TigerShark is not climbing the walls it could be in the quick clean mode. Try putting it in the full clean mode to see if this solves that problem.

Top 5 Suction Side / Vacuum Inground Pool Cleaners

Best suction side inground ground pool cleanerFeaturesPool surface
Baracuda G3Silent All
Zodiac Baracuda MX8wide cleaning path for large debrisAll
Hayward 2025 ADCConcrete or vinyl
Pentair GW9500 /
Kreepy Krauly Great White
special design to scrubs large and small debris, well suited for alternative pool shapesgunite, fiberglass, vinyl, and some other
Pentair 360042 Kreepy KraulyJust one moving part designAll

1) Baracuda G3

The Baracuda G3 work automatically when your pool’s pump works. The G-3’s ease of installation and the fact that it has been successfully tested in some pools that are traditionally difficult to clean, may convince you to lean toward this model.

2) Zodiac Baracuda MX8

The Zodiac MX8 Suction-Side Cleaner is also a Suction-Side Pool vacuum. Cleans the wall and the floor. It uses a cyclonic vacuum technology to maintain cleaning power and allow for a wider cleaning path. The X-Trax tyres provide the climbing performance. It is a time proven cleaner.

pros of the Zodiac MX8: It is one of the suction cleaners that does not need a very strong pump to get it going. It has a good pool coverage. The set up is easy. It has a wide cleaning path and cleans the bottom and the walls well. Works good on algae too.

Cons of the Zodiac MX8: The older versions have a bad gear box, they wear out after a year. Baracuda has reworked the gear box so newer ones don’t have this problem. It is not suitable for pebble-tec pools. Take care you don’t buy the old model. Next to that there are often repairs needed after a few years. You should expect a zodiac cleaner to last longer. It is designed for small and large debris but it is not good for large leaves.  Though the pool coverage is good, this cleaner tends to get stuck in some pools and needs to be started again.

3) Hayward 2025ADC PoolVac XL Cleaner

There are better cleaners then the suction side Hayward 2025ADC. Still it is on the bestsellers list, because it is a silent cleaner that is powered by the existing filtration system. It has a programmed pattern for good coverage of your pool and it is quite fast. It is a good cleaner for smaller pools.

Cons of the Hayward 2025ADC PoolVac XL: it requires a strong suction to move around and user reviews mention that it doesn’t climb walls or steps that well.

XtremepowerUS Automatic Pool Cleaner

The XtremepowerUS Automatic Pool Cleaner is new on the list of pool cleaners. It sounds like a low priced copy cat of the kreepy krauly. It’s going to be interesting to watch the reviews coming in on this one. If they are good this can be a great option, especially since there are rumors that the K70405 is discontinued by manufacturer. This is also a suction side pool cleaner.

4) Kreepy Krauly GW9500, The Great White

The Pentair Kreepy Krauly GW9500 alias the Great White is a suction-side cleaner that hooks up to the skimmer. It’s well suited for flat, dish-incline and hopper-bottom pools made of gunite, fiberglass or vinyl and other specialty surfaces. It installs easily and is designed to clean the deeper parts more then the shallow (as dirt gathers there).

Pros of the Great white: It is a relatively cheap cleaner and it cleans marvelous! It is great that the GW9500 is suitable for all pool surfaces and all pool shapes.

Cons of the Great White: The quality of the plastic parts break off to fast. Like after 1 to 3 years.

5) Pentair 360042 Kreepy Krauly

The Pentair 360042 Kreepy Krauly® is a Suction-Side pool cleaner. It has attachments to plug it into the pool skimmer. Or it can be used with the vacuum port of the pool. The krauly randomly roams around in the pool so in the end it cleans everywhere. For larger pools extra hoses are needed to reach all the nooks and crannies. It is also suitable for Pebble tec pools, the suction is strong enough. All in all this product does a reasonable job and the cost is low for what it provides.

Pro’s of the Kreepy Krauly 360042: compared to the cheaper knock offs, this cleaner seems to last longer, like most of the other Kreepy Krauly cleaners.
By changing where you put the weights on the pool line you can influence the performance.

Cons of the Kreepy Krauly 360042: According to reviewers it does get stuck on especially hard to reach places in some pools. Some people who compared this cleaner with others say it gets less often stuck while others say the opposite.

Top 5 Pressure Side Inground Pool Cleaners

Pressure side pool cleaner Features Cleaning timePool surface
Polaris Vac-Sweep 280All
Polaris Vac-Sweep 360All
Polaris 3900 SportAll
Pentair LL505G Kreepy Krauly Legend?
Pentair 360028 Kreepy Krauly Racer?

1) Polaris Vac Sweep 280

The vac sweep 280 is an inground pressure side pool cleaner and often compared to it’s brothers the 360 and the 380. The Polaris 280 is powered by double jets and a booster pump. This particular pool cleaner will scrub and vacuum your pool floor, walls and the steps. It is also able to trap large items that have fallen into your pool in its own filter bag. This model is very easy to unload and empty the leaf bag, what can be a hassle with some other cleaners. It has an easy initial setup. The difference with the Polaris vac sweep 360 is …

2) Polaris Vac-Sweep 360

The Polaris vac-sweep 360 is the best sold inground pressure side pool cleaner of this moment in combination with the Polaris 280 and 380 models. This cleaner does not need a separate booster pump unlike the old 360.  The vac-sweep 360 is tuned pretty well right out of the box so that makes for an easy first set up and connection to your pool. For perfect results you can then set up the hose length, the flow and the propelling device angles right.

3) Polaris Vac-Sweep 3900 Sport

The polaris 3900 is a pressure side

4) Pentair LL505G Kreepy Krauly Letro Legend

The Pentair LL505G Kreepy Krauly Letro Legend is a pressure side inground pool cleaner. It is designed to last a long time. Defects are rare. It’s main competitors are the Polaris 280 and their own Pentair 360028.

5) Pentair 360028 Kreepy Krauly Racer

The Pentair 360028 Kreepy Krauly Racer is also a pressure side pool cleaner, though a bit more expensive. It has a large debris opening with a large debris bag. It is driven by a drive shaft to propel the cleaner. These one compares to the Polaris 280 and it also compares a little to their own Letro Legend cleaner.

Other good inground pool cleaners

Other often bought ingound pool cleaners are these below. As the best sellers list changes daily these cleaners tent to jump in and out the lower spots of the top 10 list.

The Poolcleaner (Poolvergnuegen) 2x 896584000013

The Poolvergnuegen alias “the poolcleaner” is the 2 wheel drive version of their cleaners. This makes the cleaner suitable for small to medium sized pools. This suction side pool cleaner has a great coverage of the pool. It doesn’t get stuck on steps as it has a good working swivel that turns it. By increasing the suction it goes up the walls all the way. It has a super simple design so there is not a lot to break. All in all this is a very durable cleaner which is getting good ratings from a lot of reviewers. It is silent and not as expensive as a few other better known brands. And it has proven itself for a few years on the market now so it seems to be a stayer.

The Poolcleaner 4x PVN020 896584000020

The Poolvergnuegen alias “the poolcleaner 4x”is the big brother of the poolcleaner 2x, it is a 4 wheel drive suction side vacuum cleaner which makes it suitable for larger pools. They also claim that this 4 wheel drive makes the cleaner better suitable for getting over obstacles that other cleaners get stuck on. It comes with more hoses for a larger area. It has a great coverage of the pool mainly because it turns itself every 14 feet. This also means it doesn’t get stuck on steps.

By increasing the suction it goes up the walls all the way. It has a super simple design so there is not a lot to break. All in all this is a very durable cleaner which is getting good ratings from a lot of reviewers. It is silent and not as expensive as a few other better known brands. And it has proven itself for a few years on the market now so it seems to be a stayer.

Pros of the poolcleaner 4x: According to the user reviews; it seldom breaks down so low maintenance cost (only the wheels about every 3 years). The cleaning is great. It has a relatively large dirt intake compared to most other cleaners. Algae are getting removed easily. Climbs the walls good.

Cons of the poolcleaner 4x: You do need to have good suction else it won’t work that well. The tires are only suitable for concrete pools, if you have a vinyl or fiberglass pool you will need to buy special tires. Like all cleaners it is not meant for some special dirt types, like too much acorns and to much leaves. But… if you do have this, this cleaner or the Pentair Kreepy Krauly’s are the best cleaners for that larger size of debris.

Kreepy Krauly 360048

The pentair 360048 is a suction side Pool Cleaner. It has good feedback and ratings. With the pleated seal it can be used for either, vinyl and gunite pools. The flat seat can only be used on concrete pools, not on vinyl. It is an easy to assemble pool cleaner. The design makes it possible to reach the hooks in your pool. Mostly it does not clean steps, it will get stuck or does not reach them as the arm needs to be under the water surface to work.

Best Choice Products Pool Cleaner

The Best Choice Products® Inground Pool Cleaner Is one of the lower budget suction side inground pool cleaners. It is a knock off of one of the Kreepy Krauly models and that makes this cleaner way cheaper. As it has a reasonable good average rating it seems to work good enough. You will need an good sized pump and a non clogged filter and of course no leaks that let air into the system.  Whether the Best Choice Products® Inground Pool Cleaner stands up versus the Kreepy Krauly and is as sturdy and long lasting as the kreepy krauly will show with time.

Hayward 925ADC Navigator Pro

The Hayward 925 ADC Navigator Pro is a suction side cleaner for gunite pools. Like with the Hayward 2025 ADC Xl there seem to be better pool cleaners available for the same price.  The navigator seems to have too many moving parts so it wears down quickly. After a year of two it will need replacement parts. Some customers are very happy with it though.

Aquabot Junior ABJR

This robotic pool cleaner cleans the floor and the walls of your pool. It does not clean the waterline as it needs to be submerged in water. Specs: It has a fine filtration bag, dual grip scrubbing brushes, a long 50 inch cable and a plug and play installation. You can choose between a 4 hour cleaning cycle or a continuous run.