Lawn Boy 10630 HW Review

The Lawn Boy 10630 HW Push Lawn Mower is a gas powered pushing lawn mower with a 20-inch-wide cutting deck.

Lawn Boy 10630 HW Review

The Lawn Boy 10630 HW is lawn mower with powerful and reliable Briggs & Stratton 5.5 ft. lb. gross torque engine that will easily start every time, without a need for choking or priming – there is even a warranty for free repair if the engine doesn’t start after two tries! This lawn mower has an 20-inch cutting deck, assuring wide operation which means that you will complete your mowing operation sooner then with some other, more narrow cutting width mowers. Blade has adaptable 1-4-inch cutting height, assuring precision cutting that will assure just the perfect look you wish to achieve.
This lawn mower is light weight, weighing at only 70 pounds. It is moved around on 4 large wheels, which promote easy operating and maneuverability even over the more demading terrains. Blade is multi-notched which enables fine cutting of the grass and perfect quality of mowing.

Features of the 10630 HW:

The Lawn Boy 10630 is a light weight and easy maneuverable lawn mower with big wheels that enable easy operating on any type of terrain. It has 20-inch cutting width and 1-4-inch cutting height, assuring perfect cutting. This Lawn boy’s lawn mower has powerful Briggs & Stratton 5.5 ft. lb. gross torque engine which will easily start without priming or choking needed. The 10630 HW has a multi-notched blade and an deep dome deck which assures superior bagging function. The one-piece handle is foldable and assures compact storage and also reliably supports repeated mowing usage. The bar clutch will stop the engine and blade almost instantly after it has been released, assuring safety of mowing operation at all times.

Lawn Boy 10630 HW Summarized:

Who should buy the Lawn Boy 10630 HW? This lawn mower is an excellent choice for home owners with medium sized lawns especially if the lawn is more demanding one in the sense of uneven and rough terrain. Strong and reliable engine will enable easy mowing with ability to adjust per will type of cutting precision, as the blade has height adjustment. Big wheels will promote easy maneuvering and prolong working without worker’s fatigue, and the fact that mower has big bag will assure that you don’t have to stop in the middle of the operation to empty the bag before continuing again.