Cats misbehaving…Young Lady, Close your legs!

Misbehaving cats, just for a good laugh I collected a few cat pics floating around on the web.
Have fun checking them out!

Cats misbehaving 1) Young lady, close your legs!

cat misbehaving: Young lady, close your legs!

Young lady, close your legs! source:

Thank god I got 2 boys…

Cats misbehaving 2) I boop you!

Cats misbehaving. I boop you!

I boop you!  source pioneersettler


Cats misbehaving 3) Thirsty…

We can do this ourselves...

We can do this ourselves… source pinterest

I’m thirsty…

Cats misbehaving 4) I boop you… again!

And I boop you!

And I boop you! source buzzfeed

I boop you…