Top 10 Best Verizon Flip Phones for 2017

Verizon Flip Phones

Verizon Flip Phones

– Updated Jan 2017

Here is a list of the Top 10 Best Verizon Flip Phones according to one of the most famous phone seller. The flip phones are in no official order. It is based on a combination of their user rating and the amount of reviews.

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Top 10 Best Verizon flip phone Reviews

1) LG Revere VN150

The LG Revere VN150 has a good average review.

Pros LG Revere VN150: It works with pre-existing Verizon plans as well as new Verizon plans. It charges fast and lasts long. It has a good reception. Bluetooth  is working as it should. The camera actually shoots quite good pictures.
Cons LG Revere VN150: It is not clear if it is a new or a refurbished version on this site. This Flip phone does not take a sim card so you can’t swap to T mobile plans as those need a sim card. Verizon uses the MEID number to register.

Conclusion on the LG Revere VN150: This is a good basic flip phone, without much bells and whistles though.

2) Casio G’zOne C781 Ravine 2

The Casio G’zOne C781 Ravine 2 has a good average review.

Pros Casio GzOne: They actually build a rugged and water resistant phone, with a basic internet for email and some selected apps. If you are looking for a flip phone to abuse it ( something like: drop it, dunk it, sit on it, toss it down the stairs, use it as a chew toy) or any other number of bizarre abusive things you probably shouldn’t do to a phone, This is the one. It has a very loud front speaker.
Cons of the Casio GzOne : The internet is very basic available.

Conclusion on the Casio G’zOne C781 Ravine 2: If you need a phone for basic things and want it ti be rugged this is the one. It will last a long time. This is not a smart phone though, so the more high tec gadgets are not available.

3) Samsung Gusto 2 SCH-U365

The Samsung Gusto 2 SCH-U365 has a mediate average review.

Pros of the Samsung Gusto 2 SCH-U365: It has a good sound quality of voices. The RF sensitivity (getting signal/reception) seems better then average. The Samsung Gusto seems to be of a better quality then the 1.
Cons of the Samsung Gusto 2 SCH-U365: And  now a list of the bad:  The flip phone itself feels flimsy and cheaply made. It’s bluetooth quality is below standard and the screen is really to low in resolution so basic internet is tough to use. The menu screens are not intuitive which makes finding things difficult. It has a poor camera. The ringer volume is not very loud.

Conclusion on the Samsung Gusto 2: It has a great call quality but most of the rest is lacking. Even as a senior flip phone it is not suitable because of the low ringer volume, the bad screen and the lack of an intuitive menu.

 4) Samsung Convoy 2 SCH-U660 3G

The Samsung Convoy 2 SCH-U660 has an average review score.

Pros of the Samsung Convoy 2: This is a basic phone which is good enough for talking, texting and basic surfing on the internet. It has a good camera. It seems solidly build and has large buttons and grips easily.
Cons of the Samsung Convoy 2: Quality of the video is not so good. The small screen is also not suitable for a lot of facebooking etc.

Conclusion on the Samsung Convoy 2: It is a basic flip phone which is also very suitable for seniors or people with “hand problems” like arthritis.

5) Samsung Haven U320 – CDMA

The Samsung Haven U320 Flip Phone has an average score.

Pros of the Samsung Haven U320: This is a simple plain phone with large display and keyboard. The battery life is good. It works reliably with the Verizon network that provides fine coverage everywhere, also in rural areas or in the mountains. Does have a speakerphone with a good sound quality.
Cons of the Samsung Haven U320: They state it is a basic flip phone en that it is…! It is a really basic phone. (no camera, no micro SD, not possible to import your phone book)

Conclusion on the Samsung Haven U320: According to customers this is a trouble-free flip phone for a reliable way to stay in contact. Easy, easy, easy to use. Unfortunately it is getting less available.

6) Motorola V860 Barrage

The Motorola V860 Barrage has an average score.

Pros of the Motorola Barrage V860 Flip Phone: The flip phone works perfectly even after four years in which it has been dropped and soaked.
Cons of the Motorola Barrage V860 Flip Phone: The original battery seems to last about a year which is not that long for a phone. Fortunate, replacements are inexpensive.

Conclusion on the Motorola V860 Barrage: bullet-proof phone which is great for people who don’t like touchscreens and don’t need an full keyboard to text.

7) Verizon Lg Vx8560

The Verizon Lg Vx8560 has an average user score.

8) Samsung Gusto 3

The Samsung Gusto 3 has a low average review score.

9) LG Revere 2

The LG Revere 2  has an average review score.

Pros of the  LG Revere 2:
Cons of the  LG Revere 2:

10) Samsung Knack U310

The Samsung Knack U310 Flip Phone has an average review score.

Pros of the Samsung Knack U310: As it is a flip phone it is small and easy to take with you but it has large enough keys to use it with large fingers. The font is large enough to read it without reading glasses. Easy in usage  flip it open = answering, close = hanging up. The sound can be turned up if you need it to be loud. When you charge the Samsung Knack U310 Flip Phone it will last for about a week.

Conclusion on the Samsung Knack U310: In total this is a great basic phone when you just need to call or receive calls. As the font is large and the sound can be turned up this is also a good senior flip phone.  But it is getting less available.

11) Motorola RAZR V3m

The Motorola RAZR V3m has a low average review score.

Pros of the Motorola RAZR V3m: Great Quality, even for nowadays standards. The keys are big enough for anyone to see and use. And another pro is that you can check your email on it without eye problems.
Cons of the Verizon Wireless Motorola RAZR V3m: The camera isn’t the highest resolution out there anymore. Clearly not made for extended web sessions as it is an old school flip phone. Like a customer said: it has none of the smartphone “flair” or performance.

Conclusion on the Motorola RAZR V3m: Even now in a world where about everyone and his mother ownes a smartphones, the Motorola RAZR V3 is still an often used and high quality, reliable phone. This is also a good senior flip phone.

Reviews of “Older” hot Flip Phones – like 2014 / 2015

LG Accolade VX-5600 VX5600 Flip Phone for Verizon

Pros of the LG LGVX5600: This flip phone is basically indestructible: soaking in water, putting it on a cook top, all not advisable but often it keeps going strong. It is a small and light-weight one so it fits easily in my pocket. IMHO it takes great pics for its small size.
Cons of the LG LGVX5600: Not good for posting photos, but for a quick pic good enough. Not good as family locator,  it’s too slow. Needs updates according to some customers. The camera button is on the outside of the phone so you will need to open the phone from the very bottom to prevent triggering the camera.

Conclusion: If you need a good phone without a new Verizon contract, this one is great.

 Samsung Convoy U640 Flip Phone

Pros of the Samsung Convoy U640: Good Quality according to the main reviewer who has really abused his one. I’m not going to repeat his review but it is worth reading it yourself.
Cons of the Samsung Convoy U640: Dated techno parts but that is why you pay this price and not $100 and up

Conclusion on the Convoy U640: It has a good price-quality ratio.

 LG VX8300 Flip Phone

Pros Verizon LG VX8300: Pros of the LG VX8300 flip phone are: the Voice clarity (both yours and the other persons) is superb. The camera is good enough and has flash. The music player sounds good and with an optional micro SD you can listen for hours.
Cons Verizon LG VX8300: the VCast music store is difficult to use and overpriced, dull selection of ringtones so Verizon hopes to squeeze extra charge out of that. Some external buttons are placed awkwardly which is not handy for people with large hands.

Conclusion on the LG VX8300: This is a great phone, an actually useful camera and some cool media capabilities into one do-it-all flip phone. Really convenient, only one slim item to carry around.

Blackberry Flip 8230 Pearl Cell Phone

Pros of the Verizon Blackberry Flip 8230: Not a bad phone for the money.
Cons of the Blackberry Flip 8230 Pearl : This Flip Phone does not have Wi-Fi.

Motorola V750 Adventure PTT

Pros of the Motorola Adventure V750: The phone has a great battery life of about a week on stand by and it doesn’t freeze up. Good call quality. It has a lot of functions for a flip phone.
Cons of the Motorola Adventure V750: Some customers say the V750 is not as rugged as they hoped for.

I hope that  this list of Verizon compatible Flip Phones helped you out!